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He premiered the series “The Book of Boba Fett.” What happened in the first episode?

Temuera Morrison he waited for his chance for 15 years. Patient, cordial at the fan conventions he attended as the actor from “Star Wars” who had small but significant roles. For years he was an unofficial “ambassador” of the saga, which he interspersed with various roles in film, television and video games until 2020, when the world saw him again in the space franchise, in the second season of “The Mandalorian”.

In the series, the 61-year-old New Zealander played Boba Fett, a bounty hunter from the first trilogy, a character who despite never revealing his face was one of the most acclaimed by generations of fans. The series first put him in conflict with “Din Djarin” (Pedro Pascal), then as his ally and at the end of the season he gains power among the criminals of the desert planet Tatooine.

Here begins the character’s own series: “The Book of Boba Fett”.

Blood ties

The story of “Boba Fett” starts with “Jango Fett”, his “father”, a Mandalorian warrior whose genes served as the basis for millions of Republic troops; those white armored soldiers who would later serve the Empire, the bad guys. In exchange for his genes, Jango received a clone of him that he raised as his son. This boy was Boba Fett, who after witnessing the death of the bounty hunter forges his own legend.

Several movies later, the last thing on screen about Boba Fett is that he fell into the pit of the dangerous creature Sarlacc, for which he was left for dead. But he, true to his reputation, survived. In his new series, he will have to fill the power vacuum left by the mobster Jabba, for which he will have the help of “Fennec Shand” (Ming-Na Wen), another highly skilled bounty hunter. The mission will not be easy, as opportunists will abound who, like him, want everything.


Why should someone who is not a “Star Wars” fan watch this series? At the moment, it is not known. Before the premiere of “The Mandalorian” there were doubts, but with the appearance of Grogu, better known as “Baby Yoda”, that series became a sensation.

Morrison, as a person, has qualities that have earned him praise. The people who knew him on his way through Peru, in 2019 (Comic Con Lima), describe him as a humble and charming man. Of few words and that, at the same time, does not make problems in hugging the fans. That he liked the ceviche, that he tried to speak some Spanish to greet his followers. But the gift of people is not enough to keep a series afloat. His litmus test is on the screens and the whole world will witness.

“The Book of Boba Fett” premiered this Wednesday on the streaming service Disney +. There will be seven episodes that will premiere every Wednesday.

By Alfonso Rivadeneyra GDA / El Comercio / Peru

What happened in the first episode?

The first chapter of “The Book of Boba Fett “ It is divided into two parts, the past and the present. In the present, Boba Fett has taken command of the Tatooine mobsters (replacing Bib Fortuna and Jaba The Hutt), but this brings him problems as there is a feeling of a power vacuum. To earn the respect of the other villains, Fennec shand It will be of great help, above all, to keep Boba Fett alive. In the past, this first chapter visits well-known passages from the Boba Fett story, such as the death of his father “Jango Fett” (beheaded by “Mace Windu” in “Attack of the Clones”), how he falls into the deadly well of Sarlacc (featured in “The Return of the Jedi”) and the answer to the Big Unknown: How did you survive being eaten by this creature?


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