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HD Deve Gowda praises PM Modi, listens to Congress

Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda (file photo).


Janata Dal (S) leader HD Deve Gowda said on Saturday that it would be good if the Congress and all regional parties were united for the interest of the country. He also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his commitment to expand the BJP across the country. During this, Deve Gowda outlined Modi’s visit to Gujarat, where elections are due later this year, and he has gone just after the election results of five states. He expected similar quality from his party leaders and workers.


The former prime minister told reporters, “I have only one agenda and that is how to save and nurture my party in the current political scenario. What is the position of Congress today? It has been reduced to a regional party in some areas. It will be good if Congress and all secular regional parties are united in the national interest.

Deve Gowda has underlined that he has left the decision in this regard to the leaders of the parties. He said that during the swearing-in ceremony of his son and former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in the year 2018, he had tried to unite the chief ministers of six states and leaders of 15 parties but he was unsuccessful and he was trying for the second time. Wouldn’t even think about doing it.

Speaking on the election results of five states, JD(S) supremo Gowda praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to expand his party across the country. “This victory (in four out of five states) is his (Modi). Soon after the results, he went to Gujarat and would stay there for two days. It is his desire and commitment to expand the party in all areas of the country. I saw on TV he is doing many meetings and programs. We should also have the same feeling.

He remarked that he or Kumaraswamy cannot achieve the feat. Deve Gowda said that all the leaders and workers of JD(S) should work unitedly. He said, “My aim is only to save my party in the state… I have called a meeting of party leaders and workers on March 30 at Palace Ground in Bengaluru to chalk out a strategy in this regard.”

Deve Gowda also said that he will visit two districts every month in view of the 2023 state assembly elections.

He said the Congress’s inability to resolve internal disputes and its failure to take everyone together resulted in its defeat in Punjab and the Aam Aadmi Party’s gains.

Denying any alliance ahead of the 2023 elections, Deve Gowda said his party would contest against both the national parties. He said, “The party which once ruled the country, is in the present condition due to jealousy, incontinence and many other reasons. The people within him cannot tolerate a Kannada speaking person becoming the prime minister. I don’t want to take any names but I will go to the people with my work.

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