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Hazard’s teammates in the Belgian team have it clear: “The facing Eden is over”

Eden Hazard has never shown in the Real Madrid the level it exhibited in the Chelsea. The Belgian, punished by injuries, has changed his style of play. From being a face-man and always looking for a one-on-one game, he has become a much more associative player who usually avoids going face-to-face with the defender.

Hazard traveled with his team to finish the qualification for the Qatar World Cup in 2022. After beating Estonia 3-1, Eden did not play a single minute against Wales in Cardiff. Roberto Martínez had already planned to dose him given his state of form.

“It was already in the coach’s plans,” reveals Dortmund midfielder Axel Witsel. “He was only going to play one game. We know very well that he doesn’t have much playing time at Real Madrid and chaining two games in three days would have been too much. for him”.

Benteka is very clear about Hazard today: “Today Eden Hazard is a different player because he has a history of injuries. He learns things and try to avoid contact, even if your game requires it. But it shows intelligence in what it can do better. He is still a human being who tries to avoid getting hit because there are pains that remain and unconsciously, you think about it. The Eden that dribbled five or six men is over. But just because it doesn’t do it anymore doesn’t mean it won’t be decisive. “


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