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Has the third wave of corona arrived in India? WHO’s Chief Scientist gave this answer to NDTV ..

New Delhi :

The cases of corona that are increasing in India must be increasing due to Omicron variants. We were expecting about this. After the arrival of Omicron, the cases are increasing rapidly because its dabbling time is between two to three days. Soumya said that there are three aspects related to the Omicron variant. The first thing is that it is more contagious. It is about four times more contagious than the delta variant. In such a situation, people will have to be more careful, if one gets infected, the other will meet. Anyway, it is wedding-party time, in such a situation the risk of spreading the disease will be high. The second thing that can be considered encouraging is that people are not getting seriously ill due to this variant. While the delta variant was leading to hospitalization (about a quarter) of more people, this is not the case in Omicron. Only five out of 100 affected by Omicron have been admitted to the hospital, and these five Symptoms are also less in people’


Soumya said that the third aspect is that we are looking at the effect of the vaccine on the Omicron variant. The vaccine is protecting against getting sick. Even though it does not protect from getting infected but it does prevent getting sick. In such a situation, those who did not take the dose of the vaccine, they should get it done soon. It will provide protection from Omicron but along with mask and social distancing is also necessary. On another question, the Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that the result of genome sequencing takes time. He said that the more tests will be done, the more the number of cases will increase. We can see the trend of genome sequencing. Not every case requires genome sequencing. The virus is the same and its prevention methods are also there. Now medicines have also been searched but they should be taken only on the advice of the doctor. The way the government said, do not panic and try the remedies you know. Wear a mask, if you are sick, stay at home and do not go in crowds.

In response to whether we have come in the third wave of Corona, Soumya said that it will be known in the coming few days but if we look at the trend of other countries, it can be said that we have to prepare. On the question of vaccination in India, it is said that it is a good tool to fully vaccinate 50 percent of the population. It is a good thing that different vaccines are made. People who are more susceptible to infection will have to be vaccinated. The second dose should be given as soon as possible and the elderly people also need to pay attention to the booster dose. Regarding WHO’s warning of increasing burden on infrastructure due to increasing cases of corona, he said that even the delta variant is not completely finished yet. If there is a lot of infection due to corona, then the health structure can be burdened. We have to prepare for this.


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