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Haryana government should conduct judicial inquiry into Nuh violence: Bhupendra Hooda –

Chandigarh, September 17 (Trinew)

Haryana Congress has demanded a judicial inquiry under the supervision of a sitting High Court judge to bring out the truth in the case of communal violence in Nuh. Former CM and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda and State Congress President Ch. Udaybhan issued a joint statement saying that if the government is not guilty then why is it afraid of a judicial inquiry. Judicial inquiry will turn milk into water and the whole truth will be revealed to the public, which will be acceptable to all. Udaybhan said that the people of the state know that Congress MLA Maman Khan has been arrested due to political hatred, hence it is necessary for the truth to come out. He said that 15 days before the incident, inflammatory posts were being posted on social media and the government was sleeping. This makes it clear that there is definitely something dark in the pulses, which the government is trying to hide. He said that the government’s inaction suggests either its complicity or its failure.

Leader of Opposition said that this incident happened due to the failure of Haryana Police, hence the people of the state do not trust the investigation of Haryana Police. Udaybhan raised the question that where was the state police when two Home Guard soldiers were martyred during this incident. The government, which has failed to provide security to the people of Haryana, is trying to escape by blaming others for its failures.

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