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Harsh complaint against a CGT chief for pressure: “They told us that if we didn’t close they were going to break everything”

After 12 Camioneros members were arrested last week for clampdowns at a transportation company during the general strike, A new complaint shakes a central reference of the CGT, co-head of the leadership triumvirate, Carlos Acuñageneral secretary of the service stations union (SOESGyPE).

According to the testimony of an individual to line 134 of the Ministry of Security, last Thursday, the day of the general strike ordered by the CGT, The owners of a service station in Capital Federal were forced to close the establishment under the threat that, if they did not do so, “they were going to come and break everything”. The union mentioned is that of service stations and the name mentioned in the audio to which he accessed Clarion It is Acuña’s.


The complaint was made on line 134, in the context of the national strike on Thursday.

The call was to denounce “the extortion of the service station union,” according to the man in the audio, who defines “Acuña as the leader” of the union. And then he describes how the pressure that employees and merchants were subjected to if they did not close their establishments, including a Shell service station in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal.

They visited us on motorcycles saying that if we didn’t close we were going to have problems with the safety of the employees and the business, the service station. “They were going to break everything,” explains the complainant. to the representative of line 134. After that, when asked how the threats were, he added that they told the Shell manager that “they were going to stop by every 30 minutes to check that the service station was closed or else , they were going to have problems with the safety of people and the business.”

Acuña, with Daer and Moyano, on the day of the Strike, at the press conference at the CGT. Photo: Cristina Sille.

He also reveals that he does not want to give the exact address of the gas station because he was previously threatened. “I don’t want to have problems with these people, they warned us not to report, not to think about doing so,” says the anonymous complainant in the communication he establishes.

Carlos Acuña is a central leader in the CGT structure, being one of the heads of the center along with Héctor Daer and Pablo Moyanoin addition to representing a major union such as that of service stations and a referent of the union sector led by Luis Barrionuevo. He was a provincial deputy in the Buenos Aires Legislature, for the third electoral section, for the Sergio Massa’s Renewal Front. In addition, he is the husband of the mayor of the municipality of Presidente Perón, Bianca Cantero.

The audio is added to two other complaints received at 134, although for another issue, the extortion by picketers of beneficiaries of social plans to participate in marches or to pay them a fee of the monthly payment they receive, also revealed by Clarion on Monday. “They cut your plans if you think differently” and “they ask you for a contribution of $10,000,” is the summary of the two complaints in which they talk about pressure from the CCC and the MTE, especially mentioning the picketer Juan Carlos Alderete. As responsible.

The pressures of Truckers leaders

“Close the blinds, you know how it is.” With that threat, uA group of 12 members of the Truck Drivers Guild that went to a transportation company in Pompeya tried to intimidate the owners and workers of the Expreso Rodríguez Hermanos firm. to force them to adhere to the general strike called on Thursday by the CGT.

It was at 11:30 and the intimidation led to a complaint. The City Police detained the 12 truck drivers who entered the place and seized a stick, a knife and an extendable metal rod. When police officers arrived at the scene, the individuals had already left. There, one of the victims who suffered the squeeze declared that it was a group from the Truckers Union.

With the physical and clothing characteristics of the men and the description of the vehicles in which they arrived at the place, the police began a search that did not take long to reach their destination: they managed to identify them and detain them at 3200 Troxler Street where they were interrogated. and confirmed their affiliation to the union controlled by Hugo and Pablo Moyano.

Inside one of the eight cars inspected, the wooden stick, the knife and the extendable metal rod that were seized were found. With that data, the Criminal and Correctional Court 12by Elizabeth Paisán, who ordered the arrest of the twelve people, the seizure of the vehicles, and filed extortion proceedings.

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