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Harry Styles breaks his pants in the middle of a concert: “I feel like I have to apologize, this is a family show”

The concerts of Harry Styles They are characterized by being a great show, from the scenery, their dances while singing, to the fun moments that the British artist gives his fans. However, in his last performance in Los Angeles, the interpreter of As it was experienced an unexpected situation since his pants broke in the crotch, in front of his fans and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston.

Dressed in brown leather pants and a mustard-colored t-shirt, the British gave a concert in Los Angeles this Wednesday, but he never imagined what would happen during one of his songs. The British singer played Music for a sushi restaurant and danced to the rhythm of the melody. C.On one knee on the ground, he made a sudden movement and his pants opened from his groin to his crotch, which generated screams from his fans and made him get up quickly with a scared face.

At the moment Harry Styles’ pants ripped in the middle of a show in Los Angeles, the British singer commented: “I feel like I have to apologize, this is a family show”.

The singer had to use one of his hands to cover that part of his body while one of his bandmates lent him a piece of clothing.

After the incident, Styles continued with the concert. He walked to the other side of the stage, as if nothing had happened, and called for help from his team. Then he put on a black towel so that he wouldn’t see the tears in his pants and continued singing.

Jenniffer Aniston goes to the concert

Although she tried to go unnoticed, Jennifer Aniston She was caught at the Harry Styles concert, to which she was accompanied by three friends. With her characteristic straight hair, the actress from the series “Friends” demonstrated her taste for the music of the 28-year-old singer, who recently concluded her courtship with actress Olivia Wilde.

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