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Hamilton changes his name for his mother: “I don’t understand why the woman loses her last name”

Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula 1 world champion, has realized at the age of 37 that he wants to change his name because, according to him, the presence of his mother’s surname should be present when he is named. Yes, it’s not a joke. Hamilton is in the process of changing the way he’s referred to, and he’s totally serious.

“I am really proud of my last name Hamilton. None of you will surely know that my mother’s surname is Larbalestier and I’m about to put that in my last name,” said the British driver at the Dubai Expo.

Hamilton added something else in his exposition and explained exactly the reasons for his change “I do not understand very well that when people get married, the woman loses her last name. I want my mother to appear with the last name Hamilton. I hope everything is resolved soon. It won’t be for this weekend, but we are working on it.”

What has not been clear is whether Lewis will henceforth be Lewis Larbalestier or simply add the maiden name of his mother Carmen to be Lewis Hamilton-Larbalestier.

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