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Hamas kills best friend, friend remembers ‘Run for Life’ during Israel Fest

Amit Musai told NDTV “On the day of the party, we were there from Friday night till Saturday morning. We celebrated life and love. It was a very beautiful festival. Then suddenly at 6.30 in the morning, when the sun had not even risen , I realized that the music had stopped and there were missiles flying in the air.”

He told that, “The security personnel asked us to lie down on the ground to hide and then we came to know that we were being attacked. Everyone was surprised that in these circumstances we had more protection than the usual missile attacks. “What should be done? It is unfortunate that we see missile attacks on a regular basis in Israel.”

Most of the victims of the attack were young people who had been dancing the night away at the end of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Musai’s friends were either killed or taken hostage during the attack. He said he used his tour guide skills to “escape the terror”.

Musai said, “Me and three of my friends jumped into my vehicle, brought it to the road, and started driving away. I didn’t even realize that it was a race for our lives. We were just avoiding the missiles and getting to a safe place. “We were trying to find a place, a safe room, a concrete wall, anything we could hide under. We later found out that people had been shot at the fest site.”

Drone footage after the attack showed cars on the side of the road at the concert venue in the Negev desert near Gaza. It was from here that Hamas started its shocking attack. Many of the parked cars were destroyed or damaged by bullets.

Musai also told that one of his friends was buried yesterday while his other friend is still missing. Burying his best friend was horrible, he said. There is nothing in this that you were prepared for. The wife has not been found yet. “The most likely possibility is that she is dead.”

“Two other people in our car are still missing. One of them was a breast-fed child. Every day we get bad news,” he said.

Even a week after the Hamas attack, many people are still missing. However, some of the hostages have been identified in the video shared by Hamas. Many people have been captured by Hamas and held captive in Gaza.

Musai also said that rocket attacks on the site in Israel, where a Hamas attack killed 1,300 people, occur regularly.

He said, “I live in the coastal plain of Israel and am far away from Gaza. I am about 60 kilometers away from the Gaza Strip. Yet, from time to time, missile attacks keep happening on my areas too.”

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