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Hair Loss Prevention: Do you also have hair fall by applying conditioner, know these 4 reasons

Hair Loss: Many people complain of hair fall due to the use of conditioner.

Hair Loss Prevention: Hair works to enhance beauty, but, many times we unknowingly make such mistake in order to make hair beautiful and strong, which not only makes hair weak but can also lead to hair fall. Most of us do hairwash and use conditioner at least twice a week to make our hair strong. But sometimes hair fall starts by applying conditioner. Many of us get upset seeing hair fall. But don’t worry, there can be many reasons for hair fall. What you do knowingly or unknowingly. So let’s know about those reasons.

hair loss due to conditioner Problem of- Hair Fall Problem Due To Conditioner:


1. More conditioner-

Many times we use too much conditioner on the hair. The amount of conditioner should be used according to the hair, otherwise it may cause hair fall.

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2. Oily Scalp-

Oily scalp can also be a reason for hair fall. Because if your scalp is oily and you use conditioner then your hair may fall. Therefore, do not use conditioner in such a situation.

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3. Scalp Conditioner-

Many times we make a mistake while applying conditioner after shampooing the hair, that is the application of conditioner in the scalp. Conditioner should not be applied to the scalp. This can cause hair fall.

4. Chemical Conditioner-

Many types of chemicals are used in many types of conditioners available in the market. Even if the use of chemicals in the conditioner is high, it can also lead to hair fall.

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