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Gündogan’s controversial gesture at the Ballon d’Or gala that shows his enormous anger

Ilkay Gundogan He is serious about his anger. The star signing of FC Barcelona he ended up indignant with several of his colleagues last Classic given the attitude of passatism after the tough defeat, with comeback included, against the real Madrid. Ilkay is a born winner and felt like a freak in his own locker room at the end of the match. Colleagues who the first thing they did was go to see his cell phone, lack of self-criticism, gestures of apathy… Gündogan exploded in a mixed room and could not bite his tongue.

“I want to be honest, but without going overboard because I don’t want to say something I shouldn’t. I come from the locker room and obviously people are disappointed. After such an important game and an unnecessary result I would like to see more anger and disappointment. And this is part of the problem, more emotions have to come out when you lose. We have to take a very big step in this aspect because, if not, Real Madrid or even Girona are going to escape. I didn’t come here to lose these types of games or allow them to open these gaps. I also have a responsibility as a veteran player to not allow the team to let these things happen. We need resistance.”

From within FC Barcelona, ​​an attempt was made to give normality to the German’s words, but the wound is still open as was demonstrated this Monday in the Ballon d’Or room. The midfielder was among the 30 nominees for best footballer of the season for his performance with the Manchester City.

It all happened on the previous red carpet. The protagonists arrived little by little and the Barça delegation gathered at the same time: male and female players, coaches from the women’s team and managers with Joan Laporta to the head. Everyone was prepared to take a group photo, but suddenly Gündogan left, he did not want to appear in the snapshot.

Members of the Barcelona entourage such as BucketTer Stegen, Father Pebble or the vice president Rafa And you They were stunned, they could not believe the attitude of Gündogan who crossed the red carpet ahead of the rest of the members and was left without appearing in the group photo.

Ilkay shows that he is still very angry and that he did not like it at all that the club itself took issue with his statements after the Classic. The German shows character, he is a winner and a true leader.

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