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Guaynaa sends a message against femicide

While on a concert tour, the Puerto Rican urban music singer Guaynaarecorded a video and published it on his social networks, in which he asked the Mexican authorities to take action on the matter in relation to the disappearance and murder of women that have occurred in that country in the past few months.

“Greetings my people, here in Guaynaa calling on the relevant authorities and the Mexican government to address this situation that we are experiencing in cases of disappearances”, said the artist from a hotel room in Las Vegas, from where the Allegiant Stadium could be seen in the background. “Sadly we live in a time where rape does exist, where femicide does exist and we are living it sadly with this case of the girl from Nuevo León, I am sure that unfortunately there are many more like her.”

The exponent referred to the case of the young Debanhi Escobar, 18 years old, who had been reported missing in Nueva León, Mexico, in early May and whose decomposing body was found inside a motel cistern.

The singer made his social networks available to all those women who want to leave their feelings on this subject. “Girls, my platform is at your command. To all those women who fear for their safety, who fear for their lives. It shouldn’t be like this, so here I am to raise my voice.”added Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez, first name of the artist, and boyfriend of the “influencer” Lele Pons. “I love you, I love you, take care of yourselves, please, stay connected, do not go out alone late at night, nor during the day, because the cases have been seen, so, let’s go there, let’s protect ourselves, “he concluded. the Guyanaa while blowing a kiss to his followers.


On April 9, Debanhi went to a party from which several friends left, but she got into a taxi, from which she got off on the highway from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo. The driver took a photo of the young woman on the road that went viral.

In recent days the authorities collected images from the cameras of the hotels and companies located in the area and in one of these graphic documents, Escobar indicated, it is seen how the driver extends his hand to the woman’s breasts, for which the father deduces that she, trying to flee the harassment, got out of the vehicle.

The man also said that he no longer trusts the prosecutor specializing in missing persons in the state, Rodolfo Salinas, since he asked him to leave the area where they were doing inquiries every day to give him more information and shortly after he called him to tell him that a body had been found there.

Among the doubts mentioned on social networks and by the family are how the body could have appeared in a place that had allegedly been previously checked, why Debanhi’s parents did not have access to the images of the motel, why the driver who moved the young woman is free and what is happening in Nuevo León, where there is a wave of disappearances of young women and adolescents.

Given the fact, today the women marched in different parts of the country and called for another mobilization on Sunday, to demand answers from the authorities about the Debanhi case.

In Mexico, more than 10 women are murdered every day and in 2021 there were more than 1,000 femicides, gender-based crimes.

So far this year, the state of Nuevo León has registered a wave of disappearances with at least thirty women still unaccounted for.

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