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Guanajuato: Center for High School Studies 8/3 separates 3 teachers accused of harassment from their duties

LION.— The Center for Baccalaureate Studies 8/3 (CEB 8/3), located in León, Guanajuato, removed three teachers from their duties after female students accused them of harassment.

The campus director, Rafael Campos, reported that four students went to the institution’s management and denounced teachers Juan Pablo, Juan Antonio and Juan Alberto for harassment.

Likewise, through social networks, students called on the student community to put up posters in the classrooms on March 14 demanding an end to bullying and harassment by teachers.

Students admitted witnessing some type of harassment. ”There are teachers who get closer to the students, stick to them and then look for them for everything. That makes my classmates uncomfortable”, they commented.

The director of CEB 8/3 assured that the accusations are already being investigated. He said that the institution determined to separate the three professors from their duties so that they do not have contact with the complainants.

He assured that they will not be tolerant with this type of case or with any that violates the rights of the students, and said that he will wait for the determination of the educational authorities.

This Thursday, the Secretary of Education of the state, Jorge Hernández Meza, confirmed that the agency investigates 60 cases of sexual harassment in schools in Guanajuato denounced so far this 2022. These complaints have been filed against teachers and students.

He explained that in two of these cases, which occurred in schools in the municipality of Irapuato, the teachers denounced have been removed from their duties and that the investigation is carried out by the State Prosecutor’s Office.

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