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Green Or Black Cardamom: What is the difference in taste and use of both, know which of the two is more beneficial

Green or Black Cardamom: Here are some of the major differences between the two types of cardamom.

Cardamom Health Benefits: Cardamom is an Indian spice that can be used in a variety of sweet and savory foods. We use it in kheer and payasam as well as in biryani and pulao. Cardamom is also used to flavor our favorite masala chai, and is used in pastries. Cardamom, both whole and ground, is commonly used in Indian cooking, and for good reason. They give an unmatched aroma and taste to the food which cannot be replaced by any other spice.


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Cardamom is also used in a variety of home remedies for ailments ranging from cold-cough to acidity, blood pressure, blood sugar and even bad breath.

What is the difference between green and black cardamom? What Is The Difference Between Green And Black Cardamom

Green cardamom comes from the species Elettaria cardamom, but black or long cardamom comes from the species Amomum subulatum. Both types are grown in India, but they are processed in vastly different ways. Green cardamom pods are harvested before the plant is fully mature. Black cardamom pods are collected much later and are also dried over large fire pits.

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Taste and Uses of Both:

Both the pods and seeds of green cardamom are used to flavor the spice. Only black cardamom seeds are used, while the pods are discarded. Black cardamom has a smoke-colored camphor-like taste, while green cardamom has a powerful and strong odor and taste. The taste of black cardamom is often compared to that of mint, although both types of cardamom are used to flavor food and beverages.

Benefits of Green and Black Cardamom | Benefits Of Green And Black Cardamom

Both of these are used in traditional medicine and in home remedies. Black cardamom is also used in the treatment of constipation and dysentery. It is also known to help with the symptoms of asthma. Green cardamom, on the other hand, can help with sleep problems. Both types of cardamom aid in digestion and can provide relief from gastrointestinal discomfort.

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