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Government will cooperate with private sector entrepreneurs: Dushyant

Chandigarh, August 9 (Trinew)

Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala said that in order to promote MSMEs and startups in the state, the state government will give full support to private sector entrepreneurs like government projects. For this, 6 schemes are being made under Padma Yojana. Industry and Commerce department is also with Dushyant. He informed that the Padma scheme has been given the shape of a policy so that more and more industrial clusters can be developed in the state.

On the demand of industrialists, now big industrial parks will be developed starting from 25 acres. Earlier it was starting with 100 acres. In this, there was a provision to develop the entire infrastructure by the state government. The way the state government was sponsoring government projects under the Seeds scheme, Peds scheme has been made for the private sector on the same lines. For this, 6 schemes are being prepared, which will be implemented in the next one month.

If an industrialist wants to set up 20 units in 25 acres, then he will be able to take all the facilities like the facilities given to government projects. For this, the government has kept a provision of Rs 1000 crore. According to the new provisions, at least 25 MSMEs or other units will be set up in industrial parks of 25 acres to 100 acres. The infrastructure will be created by the state government.

Incentive up to 50 crores

Out of the blocks made for industries, in A, B, C and D blocks, the government will give an incentive of up to 50 crores. This can be 50 to 85 percent support for projects. Dushyant said that the government had talked about setting up a venture capital fund during the budget. If any startup comes in the state and it needs any financial benefit, then the state government will become a partner in it. A total fund of 50 crores has been kept for this. If someone comes up with a new concept worth up to 20 lakhs, then the state government will support it under the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Scheme. Total investment subsidy of 30% (maximum Rs. 30 lakh) of the cost of the project will be sponsored. Interest subsidy scheme has also been made. In this, interest of 6 percent up to a maximum of 20 lakhs per annum will be paid by the government. If someone achieves by improving marketing or branding at national or international level, then Rs 10 lakh will be given annually to such industrialist. This will give a boost to small startups at the block level.

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