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Government ready to issue notification, Vij wrote letter to postpone one year

Chandigarh, 3 December (Trinew)

Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij and Chief Minister Manohar Lal have come face to face again. This time the issue is the bond policy being brought by the government for MBBS students. While the students are not ready to call off the strike despite several efforts by the state government, the government is in the process of issuing a notification on the bond policy. Meanwhile, Health Minister Anil Vij wrote a letter on Friday night demanding postponement of the bond policy for one year.

Health Minister Anil Vij has been opposing this policy for the last one year. When the state government had implemented the condition of Rs 40 lakh while discussing this policy for the first time, then also the health minister had sent his objection note to the government. Despite this, it was issued without any change in the policy. With Vij’s latest letter, the Manohar government is again caught in a dilemma. MBBS students are protesting against the bond policy being implemented by the Haryana government. Due to this protest, the students have held meetings with the officials twice. Not only this, Chief Minister Manohar Lal himself has met the striking students and given relaxation in the terms of the policy. Despite this, this dispute continues continuously in the state. Meanwhile, Health Minister Anil Vij has given a new twist to this issue on Friday night. Till now speaking in favor of the government, Anil Vij has argued that patients and doctors are getting worried in the state. This policy should be postponed for one year. After that decide on this issue. Till then MBBS students should be informed about this policy.

The Haryana government is preparing to bring a bond policy from the year 2020. Even at that time, Health Minister Anil Vij had expressed his disagreement on the bond policy of 7 years and 40 lakh rupees. He had said that it is not in the interest of medical students. At that time also Vij had denied it by writing on the file. He had written that the bond policy will increase the financial burden on the children, due to which meritorious children will not come to Haryana. This will leave the seats vacant.

MBBS students are protesting against the bond period of 7 years and the bond amount of Rs 40 lakh. According to the bond, if a doctor renders services in government hospitals of Haryana for seven years after completion of the course, then the bond amount will not be taken from him.

multiple collisions

This is not the first time that Home Minister Anil Vij has made his own government uncomfortable. Earlier there has been a lot of controversy on the issue of CID. Despite being the Sports Minister, Vij and the government have had disputes on many issues. Now, Vij’s letter has given a new twist during the ongoing strike over the bond policy for the last several days.

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