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Google engineer, who was fired from the job almost a month after the death of his mother, expressed his pain like this ..

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A software engineer at Google, a company related to online search and technology, who became a victim of retrenchment due to the hurt of the global recession, has said that it is just like this that you are targeted only when you are at a low mental level. Tommy York was informed of his dismissal only four days after returning from leave taken due to the death of his mother. Describing his anguish on the career networking platform LinkedIn, Tommy said, “I was fired by Google last week. As soon as I returned from leave due to the death of my mother in December due to cancer, I was informed about this four days later. Miley.”

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He wrote in the post, “I feel tired and disappointed. I’ve certainly heard worse stories, including people hoping to be parents being laid off but still this feels like a slap in the face.” It is as if you get hit when you are at your lowest level mentally.” Significantly, Google had announced the removal of 12,000 employees last week, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has sent an email to the employees of Google, in which he regretted the retrenchment and expressed confidence in helping the affected employees. . He insisted that this deduction has been made after careful consideration.


According to Tommy York’s LinkedIn profile, he joined Google in 2021. He claimed that it was not clear how the layoffs were determined. Tommy had joined the company soon after that he came to know about his mother having cancer. He wrote, “I started working at Google in December 2021 and then in February my mother came to know about having stage IV pancreatic cancer.”

However, Tom said he has no regrets. He wrote, “There will always be more opportunities to work at exciting companies, but a parent only dies once. I am grateful that I spent time and energy for my mother and I will no longer work for that company.” doing what may decide one cold Friday morning that my badge won’t work anymore.”

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