Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Good news, Mexicans! Jobs will grow 59% in 2022

While globally 19 percent of employees find it difficult make the decision to quit your job39 percent of Mexicans find it emotionally and psychologically more complicated.

On the other hand, 50 percent of people who leave their jobs in other countries are enthusiastic, while in Mexico only 31 percent of people feel encouraged to resignreveals a survey conducted in six countries, including Mexico, to almost four thousand people by UKG, a leading provider of Human Resources solutions.

The reasons why workers are leaving their jobs fall into a lack of financial and emotional rewards. Although money is the main reason for leaving, more than half, 51 percent, of Mexicans who quit did not do so for more money.

One of the main reasons they have shared is the lack of professional development opportunitiesl Poor work-life balance/burnout, no sense of value or belonging to the company and leadership team.

Some factors that could have made them stay include improvements in their benefits, allowing them to work remotely, among others.

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