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Golden blood group is very rare, only 43 people in the world have golden blood group blood

Generally we know that there are blood groups like A, B, AB, 0 positive and negative in the human body, but apart from all this there is also a blood group which not many people know about and it is very rare. That is why it is called ‘Golden Blood’. The name of this blood group is Rh Null Blood Group. The special thing is that the blood of this group can be matched with any other group. This blood group is found only in the body of a person whose Rh factor is null (Rh-null).


What is Rh Factor
No Rh antigen (protein) is found on red blood cells (RBC) in Rh Null ie golden blood group. If this protein is present in RBCs, then the blood is called Rh + positive, although people of this blood group have Rh factor null.

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Know why it is called Golden Blood

This is a very rare blood group. There are people of this blood group in America, Colombia, Brazil and Japan. There are only nine people of this blood group in the world who donate blood, hence this blood group is called ‘Golden Blood’. It is the most expensive blood group in the world. There is also a special thing that blood of this group can be donated to anyone, but if in some circumstances people of this group need blood, then there is a problem.

it is difficult to find a donor
It is said that this blood group has been found in only 43 people in the world, while only 9 people are active donors. This is the reason why it is difficult to find a donor of this group. It is also difficult to transport this blood group internationally. Because of this, the blood received from active donors is kept stored.

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