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Gironde: a town hall wants to reward agents who come to work

Po ensure that its employees come to work, will it now be necessary to pay them a bonus in addition to their salary? This is the solution to which the town hall of Saint-Loubès (Gironde) has resigned itself, in order to fight against the absenteeism of many of its elements. The municipality, reports The Dispatchhas just voted to create a bonus called “annual compensation supplement”.

The principle of this new bonus is very simple: reward the employees who are less often absent, in order to “enhance the extra work generated by the absence of an agent”, explained Emmanuelle Favre, mayor of Saint-Loubès. In short, it is not the presence at work of future beneficiaries that is rewarded, which is already contractually exchanged for a salary, but the work overload caused by the absence of their peers.

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Between 800… and zero euros

If the town hall has decided to set up such a bonus, it is because its agents have a serious tendency to skip work. In 2021, the absenteeism rate of the mayor’s 126 agents reached 19.6%, twice the national average, and a loss equivalent to the annual work of 25 agents. In order to fight against this bad trend, Saint-Loubès will now pay 70,000 euros per month.

In detail, a municipal agent who has not exceeded four days off over the year will receive 800 euros gross. A premium falling to 320 euros if the agent is absent between five and nine days, and to 80 euros only for a total absence of between ten and twelve days. Beyond the dozen days off, no bonus will be paid.

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