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Gilberto Santa Rosa returns with a new album full of flavor and rhythm

exactly two years ago Gilberto Santa Rosa He launched “Colegas” his record production that was released in the middle of the pandemic and, since then, the Caballero de la Salsa has continued to consolidate his career between recording studios, collaborations and a successful tour of the United States and Latin America. Now, just as he had anticipated, is ready to present to the public that has followed his career for years and to the new generations, his new record production “Debut y Segunda Tanda”which is now available on all digital platforms.

From the hand of his label B2B Music and distributed by Believethe singer has developed a fresh and different proposal that has eight themes, five of which are new versions of songs that other fellow artists have already performed and that now, they will have the peculiar touch that characterizes the Santa Rosa sauce. In addition, the disc includes three unreleased songs by the artist who will make their debut, joining the singles “Cards on the table” Y “For Sale”, which the public has already had the opportunity to enjoy. For this reason the name “Debut and second round”.

“I consider myself a great admirer of good music and that is why, on this album, I wanted to bet on something different. I want to share with the public some spectacular songs that I have discovered from other colleagues, but in a new version. In addition, we included three new singles on the album, completely unreleased to continue the tradition of presenting the public with a varied musical proposal”explained the interpreter.

For the winner of six Latin Grammys and one Anglo-Saxon Grammy, “Debut and second round”, It is a project that represents a challenge because it seeks to maintain its essence, but at the same time, delve into new rhythms. Also, it is a production that gave him the opportunity to meet with two great colleagues who will have a special space, since a “Deluxe” edition of the album is coming up in October with the only two collaborations on the album.

“All my projects are special because they have something that makes them different and depending on the moment my career is at, it means even more for memories. I hope that the public enjoys ‘Debut y Segunda tanda’ as much as the others, that they continue dancing with me and that they accept this proposal with the affection and respect that they always show me. It is an album to enjoy with the whole family and at any time of the year”, said an emotional Santa Rosa.

“Debut and second batch” is now available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, among others.

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