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Gil, or big door or infirmary

In his statement yesterday (calm down, there is no new statement, more than anything because Pedro Sánchez has not spoken again), Miguel Angel Gil He said that the isolated act of some fan could not destroy all the work carried out by Atlético de Madrid to eradicate racism and violence from the Metropolitan. Before that, and to demonstrate that the club works in silence and that the protocol works, Gil, full of energy, gave a couple of facts: 433 files open and 51 partners driven out. Today I said in a tweet that Gil was talking about specific events and there has been some very funny response, but no, he does not use the specific word but the isolated term. And here there is no possible semantic doubt: isolated, from the regular participle of the verb to isolate, that is, alone, loose, individual. So, in two lines, Gil contradicts himself, as a listener on Fútbol EsRadio made us see very well the other day. Because it is incoherent to affirm that in the Metropolitan there are loose cases of racism and, at the same time, announce with great fanfare that 433 files have been opened in 5 years. Unless, of course, Gil believes that 433 files is not enough.

Those 433 files in 5 years mean that Atlético de Madrid opened almost 87 files a year, which means one file every 4 days for racism issues. To me No I they look liketo be honest, cases isolated because, in addition, I suppose that there will be some incident that has escaped them. And for so much record, the fact that the club has expelled 51 members doesn’t seem that many to me, really. I get 0.027 expelled partners per day. By the way, I would like to clarify once and for all what Gil himself suggests in the aforementioned statement, that is, that it is unacceptable for someone to think that Atlético fans are racist. Yes, I fully agree with him. It is totally unacceptable. And it is also a bit demagogic to refer in a statement to a completely false fact because I do not know anyone who has said such a nonsense. That is as false as saying that there are journalists who incite hatred by taking certain statements out of context; I believe that the journalists who indirectly incite hatred are those who, to give just one example, laugh when a coach allegedly asks his players to injure another or does not condemn the insults to Peter Federico or Lunin or justify them with the “and you more”.

Eduardo Inda said the other day that Miguel Ángel Gil would welcome the sale of the club. And he spoke of 1,200 million euros. On Tuesday, in El Primer Palo, we talked about the same thing and the damage that the Atlético de Madrid brand can cause by having it inoculated inside the virus of racism. It is a small virus, as it was in Madrid or Barça, but Gil cannot act with it with the mentality of a diplomat but with that of a surgeon, his hand must be firm, if it shakes (and it shakes) the virus notices. It is clear that, despite the many open files and the few expelled partners, this virus continues to cause trouble. And it hurts to see Atleti in this situation, which is a historic club with fantastic fans. Because the image that is transferred abroad is not the best possible. In this matter the property cannot run away with its tail between its legs, as it did with the matter of the Super League. Here you either take the bull by the horns or leave the bullring bruised. Either the front door or the infirmary, there is no middle ground. An ultra isn’t scared by a file, an ultra is scared that you send the police ahead. Action, Gil, action. Steady hand of surgeon.

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