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Ghana’s representatives said, the relationship with India, which has helped the whole world, is very old

Representatives of different countries in ICCR program.

New Delhi:

The representatives of Ghana praised the Government of India for providing humanitarian help to the world. He said that the relationship between India and Ghana is very old and India lives in the role of helping the whole world. Recently, India has helped the people of Ghana by giving Covid vaccine in the Pandemic. There are many people present in Ghana who are doing education, employment and also doing maintenance work for the people of Ghana.


The representatives of Ghana said this at the General Next Democracy Network program organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). Apart from Ghana, representatives of Bangladesh, Brunei, Nepal, Norway and Peru participated in this event held in New Delhi from May 20 to 29.

Ghana’s Information Minister Fatimatu Abubakar also participated in this event of ICCR of India. He described the relations between India and Ghana as historic. He also mentioned Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He said that Ghana’s relations with India have been since the independence of Ghana and so far very good in every respect.

In the program, a Ghanaian MP called China’s investment in Ghana dangerous. Ghanaian MP Samuel said that the way China is investing in Ghana and giving huge loans is not good for the country.

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