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Gerardo Romano’s unusual request to a journalist: ‘Why don’t you have Mauricio Macri imprisoned?’

A few days after his return to the screens in a new season of the series El Marginal, the actor Gerardo Romano gave a series of interviews in which his displeasure with the government of former President Mauricio Macri shone out, where even he asked “to put him in jail” for the debt contracted with the International Monetary Fund.

It was during a one-on-one with the journalist Ricardo Guazzardi, where they talked about the theater season in Mar del Plata. Romano is presenting a sole proprietorship there.

True to his rebellious and explosive style, the actor and renowned Kirchnerist militant broke with the tranquility of the note in the middle of the talk with an unusual request for your interlocutor. “Do you have friends in the judiciary? why not you make them put Macri in prison that got us into the horrible foreign debt that has us sunk?”, Romano launched by radio ten.

Somewhat misplaced by the comment, Guazzardi retorted “what does it have to do with anything?” “It has nothing to do with it, that’s why I’m telling you. Can you get someone to do justice? Or do you agree that he has contracted that eternal debt?continued Romano, always provocative.

Quickly, the journalist reminded him between jokes that the actor is also a lawyer and his past working within the Judiciary, prior to his debut on stage, something that Romano quickly dodged. “No, it was in the Executive,” he said, before cutting to the chase and closing the joke “you don’t want to report itthat justice be done? You wash your hands,” he said between laughs and changed the subject.

Of Peronist origin and a strong militancy for Kirchnerism, Romano does not miss an opportunity to hit Macri and is a powerhouse of provocative phrases.

As a result of the premiere of the new season of El Marginal, where he composes Antín, the corrupt and despicable official responsible for the San Onofre prison, stated that he was inspired by the former president to compose his character.

Gerardo Romano impersonating Antín in El Marginal, a character who now says he used Mauricio Macri as inspiration. Photo Pedro Lazaro Fernandez

“I look at the antines that are out there, I see Macri telling soccer jokes, dancing cumbia on the balcony of the Casa Rosada, blatantly lying, leakingor, changing laws so that his family can launder money”, launched the actor who was not part of the end of the year party that Cristina Kirchner held with the official artist colony.

“He is not a purist or a Republican. The right thinks that democracy is a statistical method to elect an official and a democracy is the fraternal government of the people for the people, that we are an inclusive society. And there are people who do not see it that way . They are factories of disposable beings“, Romano argued in an interview with the program Zero Frequency.

A growing season in Mar del Plata

Asked about the theatrical season in Mar del Plata and the arrival of a third wave of coronavirus, the actor admitted that it was complicated, but that it is slowly picking up.

“I had a lot of faith in the season, there were factors that concurred so that the work would do well. Unfortunately, on December 15 the infections began to rise, a psychosis developed Y it was a disaster. The public was somewhat withdrawn, reticent. But it’s picking up really well. They are functions with a lot of energy,” he said.

“An Ordinary Jew”, the play written by Charles Lewinsky and starring Romano at the Lido Theatre, reflects the conflict that a German Jew living in Germany must resolve when he receives an invitation from a high school Social Sciences teacher, whose students, after studying Nazism, want to meet a Jew

The text captivated Romano. “I think I’m going to die before leaving the work, I don’t see any other reasons,” he said.



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