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Geraldine Bazán: “I am a woman who knows what she wants”

The renowned Mexican actress Geraldine Bazan sees it as a great gift to enjoy what has been his first film in English and that it is also the first Latino film made in Puerto Rico, completely in English.

Upon her arrival in Puerto Rico yesterday in the company of her daughters, she relived the great experience of having filmed on the island two and a half years ago, as part of the cast along with other well-known figures in the film “mix tape”a youth drama with lots of music, starring young Puerto Rican actors Philip Albors Y Didi Romerowhich marks the debut of both on the big screen.

At the same time that she distinguishes this feature film as an important part of her career, as the mother of two girls aged 13 and 8, she brings to attention the issue of “bullying” that this film has as its central axis and of which she remains attentive, guiding them. , aware of what can happen around you.

“I think that these generations are much more aggressive, they are really affecting the emotions and the self-esteem of the children. Before it happened at ages of ‘teenagers’ and older, now from much younger. Fortunately, it has never touched us. I talk to my daughters a lot, emphasizing the importance of saying what they feel, that if something is happening around them with their classmates, friends or cousins, that it is not enough for the teachers to know, but that it is important that we Say how you feel.” expressed the actress about her daughters, who were the result of her relationship with the Mexican actor Gabriel Soto.

“As parents we also have the obligation and the mission to raise young people and children so that as adults they are also brave and self-sufficient, that they say what they are, what they feel and what happens around them,” said the soap opera actress as ” Por amor en ley” and “Tierra de pasiones”, who plays the role of mother in this film, directed by Benji López and produced by Yamara Rodríguez. By the way, all proceeds from the “Mixtape” premiere will go to “Girls by Alejandra”a non-profit foundation that seeks to eliminate all forms of bullying and discrimination through the education of good values ​​as a fundamental tool.

Although Bazán acknowledges that social networks serve as a bridge in his work and it is a wonderful tool for him, he also clarifies that they are a two-edged sword.

“Networks show a very distorted reality in many aspects. If young people and children are not well focused, they can greatly distort what life really is and what a person really looks like. So ‘cyberbullying’ is also a matter of self-esteem”he added.

At 39 years old, he says he feels today more than ever in the best stage of his life, considering that as time goes by he realizes that each stage of life is special.

“I am a self-sufficient woman, who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want too. I have accomplished many goals. I have many more dreams to fulfill as an actress, also already being a woman with two daughters, who was also a young mother and I am a young mother, who enjoys them very much, who are my companions, my musketeers, my best friends… They also They feel that way, but there are many more goals and dreams to fulfill”shared Bazán, whose goal in 2022 is to work as a producer, act in a play and develop as a businesswoman, being a lover of fashion and cosmetics.

Likewise, one of the actresses from the movie “Los Leones” announced that her followers will be able to see her soon on TV screens. Univisionin a project that she is enjoying a lot, in which she has faced the challenge of playing a character that takes her out of her comfort zone, which is a woman with bipolar disorder.

Contrary to when she was younger, the blonde-haired, green-eyed actress highlights that even when her hands are full of work, she always seeks that balance, which allows her to take time for herself, spend time with her daughters, travel, and continue creating. new projects too.

“Now I think I am also reaping the fruits of what I have sown. I have the opportunity to be able to choose my projects, there are some with which I am a little more selective to live from other experiences. If there is something in which I dedicate a lot of the fruits of my work, it is traveling, eating delicious food, getting to know. As time goes by, well, you realize that this is finally what you take from this life, the lived experiences”said at the same time that he explained that he does not pay attention to comments or questions about his romantic life, which always tend to attract attention, such as when he was in the Cannes Film Festival last week and posed with the actor Alexander Nonesfor which he suggests that she prefers to smile and limit herself to not responding, something that also gives her the experience gained throughout her career.

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