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Gattuso denounces a campaign against him: “Am I racist, homophobic and sexist?”

He has not yet been announced as the new coach of Valencia and Gennaro Gattuso, a former Milan player, has already had to come out to defend himself against several accusations that, everything is said, have nothing to do with the Ché club at the entity level. Of course, these accusations come from the Valencian environment, specifically from Miguel Zorío, former vice president of Valencia.

Zorío accused him of being sexist, racist and homophobic in a statement through the Marea Valencianista platform, which he uses to oppose Peter Lim’s mandate. “He was not hired by Tottenham for his comments against women, homosexuals or black players,” Michael commented.

Faced with these accusations and as soon as he arrived in Italy, Gattuso spoke up and defended himself in La Gazzetta dello Sport: “My story speaks for me. Me racist? Am I homophobic? Am I xenophobic? Me chauvinist? But are we crazy? “Here is the time to calm down”

Gattuso defends himself, but Zorío maintains his version using links to the Italian newspaper itself, which recorded Gennaro’s following statements: “I really can’t see women in football. I don’t like to say it, but it’s like that. Marriage must be between a man and a woman and homosexual marriage is very strange to me. How many times have white players been booed? It has happened to me, but I don’t give it much importance. “

His stage in Mestalla has not yet begun and the controversy is already haunting the Italian coach.

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