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Gary Rodríguez begins to “fight” in Las Noticas de TeleOnce

After several weeks of waiting, today he will finally make his official debut in TeleOnce the presenter and ex-politician Angel “Gary” Rodriguez both in the “Las Noticias” edition at 12:00 pm, as well as in the morning editions at 4:00 and 5:00 pm

Initially, Rodríguez’s participation will be known as “El fuetazo”, although it will not be a fixed segment. “We started with an interactive project that beyond having a section or something fixed, I will have participation at different times. In my interventions I am going to make an entertaining analysis, crumbled, in rice and beans, so that people understand it and that it has both sides of the coin”, explained the former legislator.

According to Rodríguez, this space will also help control the government for the benefit of the Puerto Rican people. “I would like the Government to respond to the demands of the people, since sometimes the decisions made by the Government lack common sense”added the communicator.

After spending nearly three years as a co-host on Wapa TV’s show business program “I know everything,” Rodríguez sees this new challenge as a way to reinvent himself. “’I know everything’ was a great platform where they bet on me, but now this represents a great opportunity for growth in this world of television media”added the political analyst. “This is my first time working in a newsroom. I am surrounded by great professionals from whom I come to learn a lot and whom I am going to complement”.

Something that has drawn a lot of attention to Rodríguez has been the good atmosphere that is breathed in the production of news and in the channel in general. “The most that is felt here on the channel is the good vibe, since there are people who are very hungry to do different things, to make good television”, mentioned the ex-politician. “We have entertaining programs that bring a new vision of how we can do things and get out of the monotony. Without a doubt, TeleOnce is here to stay”.

return to politics

As for his return to politics, the communicator does not see it in his immediate future for a very simple reason. “I am really enjoying what I am doing and besides the fact that Mr. Lenard Liberman, (president of TeleOnce) is not going to allow me for the next few years”, explained with a laugh Rodríguez, who in 2016 was a candidate for mayor of Toa Alta, losing to the current mayor Clemente “Chito” Agosto.

“I left politics without a single scratch, although you always take your stone, but I think I fulfilled it, I gave myself body and soul for my district in the legislature, but I think that now it is up to other people to do the job”, explained the former member of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico from 2009 to 2017.

“You have to reinvent yourself and keep going. One cannot stay stuck in the same thing all the time and now I can give people a different analysis, because there are times when in order to know what is stirring in the pot, one first has to know who is stirring it. I think we can do something good, entertaining and different, so you’ll see that people are going to like ‘El fuetazo’”.


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