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Gadkari reaches Parliament House in Hydrogen-powered electric car

New Delhi, March 30 (Agency)

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari reached Parliament House on Wednesday in his new electric car powered by hydrogen. Gadkari stresses on the use of vehicles powered by alternative fuels. Showcasing the vehicle powered by “Green Hydrogen” outside his residence, Gadkari underlined the need to create awareness about Green Hydrogen, FCEV technology and its benefits to promote alternative fuels and also reduce pollution. Before leaving for Parliament House in his car, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways told reporters that India will soon become a green hydrogen exporting country. Gadkari’s car is the first of its kind in the country. He said, “India will soon become a green hydrogen exporting country. In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of clean and state-of-the-art mobility in India, our government is committed to focus on green and clean energy through the National Hydrogen Mission. He said that due to the continuous increase in the price of gas and petroleum in the international market, the problems of the common man are increasing. Green hydrogen is produced from water and is used for driving vehicles. Gadkari also said that the government is working to produce hydrogen from organic waste as well. He said that green hydrogen is cheaper than petrol. The Minister said that just as coal and gas are used in steel industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry, similarly green hydrogen will also be used in industries. He said that this would be a big revolution which would also generate employment on a large scale. He said that apart from producing green hydrogen in India, “Green Hydrogen Refueling Stations” would also be set up.

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