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Furor for gaming in Mexico: the intimacy of Worlds 2022, the League of Legends World Cup

Mexico positioned itself at the epicenter of the world electronic sports scene, at least during the week that the phase of League of Legends Worlds 2022 Play-Inwhich had as one of the participants the Argentine team Isurus Gaming.

For the first time in Latin Americathe fans of one of the most played free video games in the world were able to have their idols that they learned to admire through the world tournaments that Riot Games usually travels through YouTube or Twitch.

twelve twenty four of the strongest teams in the world from the main regions – South Korea, China and Europe along with North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia – cheered on a crowd of fans who were present at the Artz Pedregal complex in Mexico City.

Isurus Gamingthe Latin American representative, put all his Argentine imprint on behalf of his CEO’s Facundo “Kala” Calabró and Juan Cyterszpiler, son of Diego Maradona’s legendary manager. They were in charge of haranguing their players at all times, under the watchful eye of Korean players Jelly and ADD.

For the decisive matches on Saturday, in which their continuity in the tournament was at stake, the team entered to play their game against the Chinese from Royal Never Give Up amid songs from the field and accompanied by a crowd that followed them to the stadium. through the corridors of the Artz Pedregal premium shopping mall.

Artz Pedregal, the headquarters of Worlds 2022

Artz Pedregal, the stadium where the League of Legends World Cup is played. Photo: Riot Games.

The first exclusive stadium in Latin America for the practice of electronic sports Artz Pedregal, the venue from where the “Copa Libertadores” of the video game, the Latin American League, was held, opened its doors on Thursday to fans to experience the Worlds 2022 Play-in Stage.

The Artz Pedregal Arena was inaugurated on February 15, 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic prohibited attendance at the following Opening and Closing tournaments of the Latin American League. The public was only able to witness the games again in June and with the endorsement of the Mexican Health Service.

As part of the plan to maintain competitive sports and take advantage of its infrastructure, the organizer and owner of the video game, Riot Games, ordered that the start of the World Cup be held in a cinema complex of a luxurious mall in the center of Mexico City. On all three levels you can find Louis Vuiton, Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss, Dior, Fendi, Bvlgary, Cartier, Carolina Herrera, Aldo shoes or Zarovsky stores.

The infrastructure set up for the Latin American League that has the Riot Direct system, to guarantee sportsmanship and play with low latency, was key in favor of a location that admitted more public than the 140 allowed.

Worlds 2022: merchandise sold out

If there is something that makes the League of Legends World Cup special, in addition to having the best teams and players in the world, it is the official merchandise: a unique and unrepeatable piece sought by fans in each of the editions.

On this occasion, Riot Games marketed a series of products during the tournament that ranged from a diver (90 dollars; 25,920 pesos at the exchange rate of the day), which were sold one per person, a limited edition t-shirt from Mexico (35 dollars; 10,000 pesos) and a stuffed toy of the character Tibers (30 dollars; 8600 pesos).

As you could see Clarionthe products were already sold out before the weekend arrived, a priori, the day with the largest number of public and in which a good number of sales was expected.

Worlds 2022 and Covid-19: isolated teams, chinstraps and daily swabs

French presenter Laure Valée and Yutapon from Detonation FocusMe, both wearing masks in the press area.  Photo: Riot Games.

French presenter Laure Valée and Yutapon from Detonation FocusMe, both wearing masks in the press area. Photo: Riot Games.

The opening day surprised the attendees because several teams were not present at the Artz Pedregal. Thorough checks and covid-19 protocol completely isolated the FNATIC, Beyond Gaming and DFM teams. At Isurus Gaming, MAD Lions, Istanbul Wildcats, Edward Gaming and LOUD one or more players were missing.

One of those excluded at the beginning of the contest was Facundo “Kala” Calabró, CEO of Team Isurus, who had to follow the game against Mad Lions from the hotel.

Those who were able to present their full lineup in the arena were Beyond Gaming, ⁠Chiefs Esports Club, Royal Never Give Up, DRX, and Saigon Buffalo.

Friday’s action began to the surprise of many with the complete formations of the twelve teams who were going to play the second day of the Play-In.

Without official confirmations, the idea of ​​tests that they threw “false positives” circulated through the corridors of Artz Pedregal. After this controversial episode, empty chairs were never seen on the main stage again.

Before the matches, all the players and members of the staff, as well as the press and production personnel, were subjected to rapid tests for Covid-19 in all the days that the competition lasted in Mexico.

Those with the positivity certificate acquire a bracelet that allows them to enter the various movie theaters of the complex that were destined for this event: the press room, teams, interviews, content creators, control center, the arena for the matches and two more destined for the fans.

The Isurus t-shirt, the most wanted

The "bar" from Isurus Gaming fervently followed all the matches of the Argentine team in Worlds 2022. Photo: Riot Games.

The Isurus Gaming “bar” fervently followed all the matches of the Argentine team at Worlds 2022. Photo: Riot Games.

Thirteen days before the tournament began in Mexico, Isurus Gaming took advantage of his social networks to announce the launch of the World Cup edition of his shirt: he changed the characteristic white, with delicate blue and black lines, for a directly dark one.

Basically, the shirt was developed based on 3 main pillars: culture, three-time championship and locality. Its black color looks patterns inspired by pre-Columbian culture in honor of the native peoples of America with details in gold as well as the team’s shield that we can see at the top.

The stars that accompany the shield symbolize the three championships conquered by the Tiburón since the beginning of the Latin American League, becoming the winning professional team of League of Legends in the region together with the motto “Now or never” referring to its participation in the first edition. of the world championship in Aztec lands.

The Isurus t-shirt, edition "Maradona", worn by Juan Cyterszpiler during the League of Legends World Cup.  Photo: Riot Games.

The Isurus shirt, “Maradona” edition, worn by Juan Cyterszpiler during the League of Legends World Cup. Photo: Riot Games.

Each of the fans who bought their ticket for the Play-In had access to the exclusive stand of the Argentine team, one of the most popular.

The Isurus shirt could be obtained at the official stand of the Argentine team for 827 Mexican pesos, about 40 dollars (11 thousand pesos at the exchange rate of the day) but in a matter of 48 hours they ran out of stock. The demand was total.

There was even one special edition worn by Juan Cyterszpiler with various prints that refer to different icons of Argentine soccer, such as Carlos Salvador Bilardo, Diego Armando Maradona and even the legend “San Kiricocho”, in honor of the urban legend that seeks to generate misfortune in the rival on duty.

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