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Full of emotion and memories a special session to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Don Tommy Muñiz

Expressions full of emotions and memories characterized the Special Session held by the Senate of Puerto Rico to commemorate the centenary of the birth Don’t Tommy Muniz. The session was held in compliance with the provisions of Senate Resolution 331.

Senators of all political parties represented in the aforementioned legislative body They stated how the productions of Don Tommy Muñiz, as well as his deed impacted the lives of thousands of Puerto Rican families and the history of the country. A word was heard repeatedly to describe whoever Don Tommy Muñiz was: visionary.

The president of the Senate, José Luis Dalmau, stated that with the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Don Tommy Muñiz, it is carried out to celebrate the life of whom he described as “a patriot”. He further highlighted: “Don Tommy was a great Puerto Rican. A human being who taught us what we can do if we want. Talented, rigorous, brave, just like all of us: Puerto Rican.” Dalmau Santiago, reviewed the artistic and business career of Don Tommy and his contributions in other fields outside of his local productions.

For her part, the president of the Education, Culture and Tourism Commission, Ada García Montes, highlighted “Don Tommy was a visionary man, an illustrious Puerto Rican, who with his productions offered thousands of artists a work space where they could develop their talent and art, who made their way in this highly competitive world. He was a great man who left an indelible mark through his time in the country’s media”.

García Montes recognized that Don Tommy inspired an entire generation of Puerto Ricans, who grew up admiring and enjoying his ingenuity and his ability to entertain.

Producer Rafo Muñiz was present at the special session with his family. (Supplied)

Don Tommy’s passion for the entertainment and communications business comes from his uncle and godfather Don Félix Muñiz who was a radio producer. He married Doña Luz María García de la Noceda and was the father of Rafo, Ruby, Hilda, Mario, Luzie, Tomito, Manolo, Pedro and Toño.

In his business, he was the owner of the Radio WLUZ station and the TeleLuz channel, remembered for their solid support of Puerto Rican culture and artists. In the cinema environment he starred in the film “What happened to Santiago”, the only Puerto Rican film to be nominated for Oscar award under the production of his dear friend and co-worker, James Morales.

On behalf of the family, the well-known producer expressed Rafo Muniz“Our family celebrates with great joy the distinction that the Senate of Puerto Rico makes today to the memory of Mr. Tommy Muñiz. My father was a man of integrity and, above all, very Puerto Rican in his behavior throughout his life. With great humility, he did everything he set out to do in life and left an invaluable legacy for us, his family and all of us who live on this island.. Many thanks to Senator Ada García, president of the Committee on Culture, Education and Tourism, for her courage in defending this tribute”, she pointed out.

The president of the Education, Culture and Tourism Commission, García Montes, announced that she will soon share other activities on the agenda to continue the commemoration events.

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