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From the PRO they crossed Javier Milei for supporting the ruling that suspended facial recognition: ‘Spread a bawdy operation of Kirchnerism’

The deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government, Emmanuel Ferrario, crossed the national deputy Javier Milei this Wednesday for considering that he attacks the people of Buenos Aires by echoing the ruling of Judge Roberto Gallardo on alleged acts of espionage in the City of Buenos Aires.

“This is Javier Milei. a politician who once again he gets on a dirty operation orchestrated by Kirchnerism. I insist: reseller of populism. That way he did not get the information that in CABA more than 2,000 murderers and rapists were arrested by facial recognition, ”said Ferrario through his Twitter account.

Milei reproduced through her social networks some fragments and publications that refer to the ruling, which suspended the facial recognition system for fugitives of the City of Buenos Aires.

Among the messages shared by the leader of La Libertad Avanza, the vast majority are with accusations and criticisms against Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Buenos Aires government.

Ferrario had already spoken out last week against Milei, who announced that he will run for president in 2023.

In statements to the press, the Buenos Aires official stated: “I think that Milei is a great reseller of populism. In Argentina there is a frustration of the people with politics and a need for a change because this does not work.”

The controversial ruling of Judge Roberto Gallardo

On Tuesday, Judge Roberto Gallardo, recognized for his controversial decisions against the Buenos Aires government, ordered the suspension of the facial recognition system in the City of Buenos Aires, one of the surveillance devices that were implemented to capture fugitives.

Gallardo ordered “the Government of the City of Buenos Aires suspend the Facial Recognition System for Fugitives (SRFP) within the scope of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, without in any way diminishing the remaining video surveillance (urban monitoring), preventive and forensic systems,” the ruling states.

The decision of the Court of 1st Instance in Administrative and Tax Litigation No. 2 was in response to an amparo action requested by the Observatory of Argentine Computer Law (ODIA) and which received the support of CELS. They claimed that the system not only had information on the fugitives, but that RENAPER had given the City Ministry of Security and Justice data on other people, “for purposes whose legal basis is unclear”.

At another point, Judge Gallardo ordered the Airport Security Police to carry out a series of raids on the Urban Monitoring Center and the City’s Ministry of Security and Justice, headed by Marcelo D’Alessandro, in addition to seizing data and Technical equipment. And it opens a period of 10 days to examine the information obtained.

D’Alessandro separated the facial recognition system for fugitives from the agreement with the National Registry of Persons. In dialogue with Clarionremarked that the “10 million” queries to RENAPER are part of a routine task: “A traffic control, in a complaint, if you ask for a certificate of residence or the Covid circulation certificate, in all those cases RENAPER was consulted” .

In addition, he said that Gallardo put together “a great salad” and pointed to the national government: “He wants fugitive criminals.”

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