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Between vetoes and leading roles, the “moment” of the replacement of some members of the General Council of the electoral body is taking shape. It is surprising and alarming that applicants are objected to based on kinship, a position contrary to all constitutional and republican ideas. There is no heroism in vetoes of this nature, and there is a lot of arbitrariness.

The “hoax” that the INE will no longer be able to reach agreements by consensus is disconcerting; It is an inaccuracy, one more of the falsehoods coined by the government and its party, such as the affirmation of fraud in the 2018 electoral process.

Bad, very bad, that suspicion and outrage take over practically all our deliberations. Suspicions are used to advance positions, yes, always emanating from a civil society that is more ghostly every day. A dictatorship that emerged from this civil society, now modulated by the feminist demand, seems to be in the waiting room; It will be necessary to see how far this interpellation can go, as the Argentine philosopher Ernesto Laclau liked to say.

Faced with the crisis of the system of representation of our democracy, concentrated in the collapse of the existing party system, the only thing that remains for us is criticism and the aspiration of a taxonomy that guides us through the jungle in which order has become. political forged in the transition to democracy. Meanwhile, one of the most contentious aspects of the new realities of politics is its conversion into a republic of litigation.

Suddenly, we are all lawyers, experts in electoral law if not in constitutional law. Everything is subject to the resolution of the courts or the Supreme Court. Right and left we overthrow judges and public ministries, but in fact we grant excessive power to judges, lawyers, magistrates and ministers.

The idea of ​​Parliament as a privileged context for consensus building is pushed aside, precisely when it is most necessary to debate our national problems, which are not few.

The locals rise up in arms against the criminals, thus escalating the violence; they demand attention condensed into public goods that only the State can offer. The risk is not minor, if the litigation overflows, it will be the inhabitants of those same towns who pay the costs.

As long as the government, the State as a whole, continues to recreate itself in its inventions, like that of hugs not bullets, the political-social situation of vast regions will continue to unfold in situations that will border on human tragedy. I cannot understand, much less assume, the almost generalized position of state governments that confuse the necessary neatness of the State with negligence and defiance.

What is sad and even more so is that these panoramas continue to have the towns of Guerrero as their location…a wild land of vigilante uprisings.

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