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‘From job layoffs to Aliens’: Elon Musk spoke on these 5 topics in front of Twitter employees

Elon Musk spoke on these 5 topics in front of Twitter employees

New Delhi :

one of the richest people in the world Tesla CEO Elon Musk On Thursday, June 16, met with the employees of Twitter. During this, he expressed his opinion on many issues in front of the employees. Let us tell you that Musk signed a $ 44 billion deal in April to buy Twitter. This is the first conversation the Tesla chief has with employees since then. While addressing the employees, Musk expressed his opinion very frankly on 5 topics including ‘freedom of speech’ to ‘existence of aliens’.


freedom of speech

Elon Musk told employees that people should be allowed to say anything on the microblogging platform within the limits of the law. However, he added that the company needs to ensure that people “feel comfortable” with the service. Because if it doesn’t happen then he won’t use it.

lay off job

When asked about possible layoffs, Elon Musk said that whoever is a good contributor, they have nothing to worry about. Their performance will be judged for any layoffs. Only on the basis of performance, someone will be considered for retrenchment. He said that the focus of the company will be on generating profits and improving the product.


Musk said that he is not against the advertising model. Because it is very important for Twitter’s business. He said that I think advertising is very important for Twitter. I am not against advertising. I’ll probably talk to advertisers.

Work From Home

On his approach to work from home, Elon Musk said that only “better workers” should be allowed to work from home or those who live far away.


At the same time, during the conversation with the employees, there was also discussion about the existence of aliens and other space civilizations. On this, Elon Musk said that he has not seen any real evidence about aliens.

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