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From Aahaa to Oh No, sleeping more than 8 hours can be such a big loss, which will not even be thought of, gives feast to these diseases

Taking at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep has a good effect on health.

Too much sleep could be worse: Getting enough sleep is very important for good health. Taking at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep has a good effect on health. It is good sleep which makes you feel refreshed throughout the day and you are full of energy. But if too much sleep can be bad for your health, then it can also have an adverse effect on health. Actually, sleeping for a long time can cause many types of damage to your body. Too much sleep can give you stress, apart from this you can also be a victim of constipation. So let’s know the disadvantages of what can happen if you take more than 8 hours of sleep daily.

These damages can happen due to excessive sleep. Oversleeping: The Effects & Health Risks of Sleeping Too Much


1. Depression: It is said that there is no sleep due to excessive stress, but it is also true that excessive sleep can also give you stress. That’s why sleep neither less nor more, sleep as much as is necessary. Oversleeping can be harmful for you.

2. Back Pain: Gone are the days when doctors used to recommend bed rest for back pain. Because many studies show that sleeping too much can also cause back pain. In such a situation, whenever you wake up from sleep, get out of bed and do some exercise. By sleeping for a long time, the body becomes stiff and there are problems like back pain.

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3. Headache: Many times, after getting up from sleep, there is a feeling of headache and heaviness, then it may be due to excessive sleep. In such a situation, if you are feeling headache even after getting up from sleep, then you can drink coffee for relief from it. Consuming coffee can be helpful in Haddock. Many times you must have felt that when you sleep for a long time, then your head starts hurting.


Too Much Sleep Can be Bad for Your Health: When you sleep for a long time, your head starts to ache.

4. Obesity: To burn fat, it is necessary that physical activities are more and metabolism can be increased. For this it is necessary that you sleep in a balanced quantity, so that weight can be controlled. Because by sleeping more the body goes on rest mode and obesity starts increasing.

5. Constipation Problem: Due to sleeping for a long time, physical activities are negligible and the process of the digestive system slows down. When this happens, the problem of constipation starts bothering, so after dinner, take a light walk and then go to sleep on the bed. After 7 to 8 hours of sleep, wake up in the morning and do exercise or walk, this will not cause the problem of constipation.

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