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Friendship day 2023: Friendship Day will be celebrated on this day in India, know how this day started

Friendship Day History: Know what is the history of Friendship Day

International Friendship Day (Friendship day 2023) is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. The relation of friendship is the only relation in the world which is made by a person himself. Such a person definitely comes in everyone’s life, with whom he may not have a blood relation, but he gets involved in a special relationship with him for life. Friendship Day is celebrated every year to celebrate this beautiful relationship of friendship. Let us know about the date of this special day in India, its history (Friendship Day History) and importance?

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When will Friendship Day be celebrated in India? (When will Friendship Day be celebrated in India?)

This year, International Friendship Day will be celebrated in India on 6 August. By the way, it is celebrated on different days in different countries. Where apart from India, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August in Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Australia and Bangladesh. At the same time, in many other countries of the world, it is also celebrated every year on 30 July.

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How did it start? (Friendship Day History)

Celebrating the precious relationship of friendship, this day is being celebrated in the world for many years. It started on July 30, 1958, when a proposal was made to celebrate this special day in Paraguay. In the year 2011, the United Nations announced to celebrate International Day on 30 July every year. However, in many countries like India, America, Australia and Malaysia, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. It is said that this day also started as a way of spreading the message of peace and harmony through friendship among all the countries of the world.

There are different beliefs associated with the beginning of Friendship Day. It is believed that in the year 1935, on the first Sunday of the month of August, the American government killed a person. Due to which the friend of that dead person also commits suicide due to sadness. Seeing such a wonderful example of friendship, the American government was also very impressed and announced to celebrate Friendship on the first Sunday of August every year.

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Importance Of Friendship

This special day is celebrated only to explain the importance of a friend in life. This day reminds us that if a true friend was not there in our life, then we would have been deprived of the greatest happiness that we can get in life, because a friend is the only one who sometimes without any selfishness, in every situation without blood. He supports us more than relationships. Let’s celebrate this day to celebrate the lovely bond of friendship irrespective of age, caste and color and to let our friend know how important he or she is to us.

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