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Free ChatGPT: how to use it online on PC and mobile

ChatGPT, the system of artificial intelligence that revolutionized the Internet, offers multiple tools that can be used in a free and on-line in PC and mobilel.

To do so, you must enter the website https://chat.openai.com/, register with an email – it can be from Microsoft or Google – and select the language chosen to interact with the artificial intelligence designed by the company Open IA.

While in PC It has a version for web browsers, for mobile phones you can download the applications available for both Android and Apple.

Those who have devices with an operating system Android and do not want to download the application, they can create shortcuts on their cell phone screens.

For that, they must open ChatGPT in the browser, log in, go to the three ellipses located at the top and select the option “add to home screen”.

Finally, you have to give that start button a name and click on the icon “add”.

The ChatGPT app for Appel. AP

This shortcut will allow you to open the ChatGPT as if it were an application, without the need to log in again.

How to use ChatGPT

The system developed by Open IA is available in spanish and offers the possibility, through very simple commands, to create texts and resolve queries of all kinds easily and quickly.

Has a free version (GPT-3.5) and another premium (GPT-4). Those who enter the website for the first time will find a format identical to that of a chat, where they will have a space to start the conversation.

ChatGPT is free to use on PC and mobile.  REUTERSChatGPT is free to use on PC and mobile. REUTERS

As a guide, the user can access examples of the conversations that can be had. Although this first approach is in English, it is enough to write in the chat “talk to me in Spanish” so that all the answers that follow are in that language.

Things that can be done with ChatGPT They are difficult to define, although their main virtues are the speed in answering questions, collecting information published on the Internet.

For this reason, it is key to carry out the correct requests. It is recommended to be as direct and clear as possible, detailing what we want the Artificial Intelligence system to take into account when developing its response.

ChatGPT allows you to perform multiple actions quickly and easily.  REUTERSChatGPT allows you to perform multiple actions quickly and easily. REUTERS

Being specific guarantees more accurate and reliable results. For example: asking you to search for information on certain sites over others allows the data used to be more reliable.

For example, the user may require that ChatGPT write a tale based not only on an idea, but also on the style of one or more authors. Or write a post instagram on a specific topic, with tones and emojis typical of that social network.

You can also create a academic text taking information from specific publications and taking into account rules of writing and citing sources for that type of articles.

Besides, ChatGPT You can make translations in a few seconds or write jokes and songs with just a few prompts.

Text writing is not the only tool that provides ChatGPT. You can also request that the AI ​​system put together a ranking of ideal destinations for vacations or attractions that cannot be missed during a tour of a city, or simply ask for explanations or information on a specific topic.

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