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France will eliminate the mask indoors from February 28


The French will have to use it in means of transport as well as in those places where the vaccination certificate is not required


The French Ministry of Health announced this Friday the abolition of the obligation to wear a mask in closed places where the vaccination certificate must be presented, except in means of transport, due to an “improvement in the health situation”.

According to a statement from the health portfolio, the measure will enter into force on February 28 and after the approval of the Higher Council of Public Health, which advises the French Government in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the Government of France has relaxed the diagnostic system for people who have had close contact with a positive for COVID-19. As of February 28, they will only have to undergo a diagnostic test two days after close contact, instead of the three – one after knowing the contact, another two days later and another four – currently. The regulations regarding quarantine remain unchanged.

France has registered record numbers of cases in recent weeks, as part of the wave that has hit all of Europe. According to data from health authorities, more than 153,000 new cases were confirmed on Thursday. So far, France has recorded more than 20.8 million infections, including 131,000 deaths from the disease.


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