Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Formula 1 is no longer Formula 1 in Monaco

This Sunday I have remembered a lot about a friend and lover of Formula1, Emilio Campmany. Emilio, in recent years, had criticized the management of this sport for making it predictable and overly safe, which took away the excitement and part of the appeal that racing had always had. Come on, they had become soft. And this Sunday I joined his club, after not understanding why the race management was delaying the start of the Monaco GP because a little rain fell. As far as I know neither in the technical nor in the sports regulations is there anything said that F1 races should be dry, and it is not that a torrent of water was falling on the Principality of Monaco.

That said and the criticism made, the truth is that the bosses of F1 have not been the only ones who have lost an opportunity to put on a show in Monte Carlo this Sunday. Ferrari has made it clear that his thing is not the strategies in the race and once again Red Bull has stolen their wallet. They had the best car and the best position on the grid, first and second, but dragged down by the decision and personality that Red Bull always shows when planning stops and strategies, they have left Charles Leclerc off the podium for another year in his own country. The anger of the Monegasque was huge, and justified, especially after the zero in the last race that forced him to subtract some point from Verstappen to keep the fight for the driver’s title alive.

That’s the way it is, Perez with the victory, he has made up for the last grand prix in which he had to let his teammate pass while Verstappen has extended the advantage over Leclerc a little more.

What did Sainz do? the only thing he could dosqueeze Pérez while his problems of graining in the tires and celebrate a podium that has known little in the team of Prancing Horse. The truth is that Monaco does not help relevant things to happen in the race either and only the rain has given some emotion to a grand prix that has already made us accustomed to car torpor.

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