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Former US President Donald Trump may appear in Manhattan court today

Donald Trump may appear in Manhattan court

New York:

Former US President Donald Trump is expected to appear in a Manhattan court on Tuesday in connection with a secret payment of money to a porn star. Adequate security arrangements have been made inside and outside the court amid reports of the arrival of the former President. The special thing is that Donald Trump is the first former President of America who is accused of a criminal case. In such a situation, his dream of winning the 2024 presidential election in America may be shattered. According to the information being received, Donald Trump left for New York on Monday from his ‘Mar-a-Lago’ residence in a Boeing 757 aircraft and reached New York at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) time (12.30 am Indian time). Arrived at La Guardia Airport. The proceedings of the prosecution in the court are expected to be brief. During the hearing, the charges will be read out to him, which will take about 10-15 minutes.

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His convoy proceeded towards the ‘Trump Tower’ located on ‘Fifth Avenue’ in Manhattan, where he would stay for the night. The roads around the tower have been cordoned off and a large number of police forces have been deployed. When the former President came out of his car, he waved to his supporters and the security personnel immediately took him inside the building.

Former President Trump will appear before Judge Juan Marchen on Tuesday at 2:15 pm EST time (12:45 pm Indian time). According to the news in the American media, Trump’s attorney has been quoted as saying that the former President will not admit the crime. After appearing in court, Trump will immediately leave for Florida where he will make a statement in the evening at ‘Mar-a-Lago’.

Former President Trump has denied any wrongdoing regarding the funding of Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 presidential election. Law enforcement agencies can take his ‘mugshot’. ‘Mugshot’ is a type of photo and it is taken when a person is arrested or a case is registered against him.

Trump’s lawyers urged Judge Marchen on Monday not to allow cameras into the courtroom. “We urge that the media request be denied, as it will create a circus-like atmosphere during the impeachment process, raise strange security concerns, and undermine Trump’s innocence,” his attorney said in a letter to Judge Marchen. Not even suitable for perception.

The judge said Monday night that media organizations would not be allowed to broadcast the impeachment proceedings, but some photographers could take pictures before the proceedings officially began. Trump, associated with the Republican Party, wrote on the ‘Truth Social’ platform before leaving Florida on Monday that he was being constantly harassed. The impeachment process comes at a time when Trump is facing legal hurdles in other possible criminal cases.

Trump is at the forefront of all declared and potential candidates of the Republican Party for the 2024 presidential election. But there is no provision in US law that prevents a candidate convicted of a criminal offense from campaigning or running for president – ​​even if the person in question serves prison time. Trump and his allies are using the indictment to galvanize their supporters and strengthen their 2024 election campaign.

“It is hard to believe that I (Trump) will be arrested tomorrow for the most shameful method of harassment in the history of our country,” said one of the e-mails made for the purpose of Trump’s campaign. In this, voters have been asked to contribute to his campaign.

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