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Former referee ‘Chiquimarco’ Rodríguez is linked to a process for family violence

Former Mexican referee Marco Antonio ‘Chiquimarco’ Rodríguez was linked to judicial process this Thursday in Mexico City for alleged family violence.

‘Chiquimarco’ has a complaint against him by his ex-partner Alva Neri Hernández, who accuses him of domestic violence in the modalities of physical violence and psycho-emotional violence, his lawyer told ESPN.

Former whistler Marco Antonio Rodríguez was summoned to testify for the crimes charged against him, he accepted a self-incrimination to the process and has precautionary measures according to what the General Law of Victims and the national code of legal procedures says.

‘Chiquimarco’ will be able to take his process free, but the precautionary measures imposed from his previous hearing will be maintained.

For the moment, “Chiquimarco” will not be able to approach the complainant, the home of the alleged victim or the witnesses of the alleged crime while his legal situation is resolved. His lawyers were granted a period of two months for additional investigation.

The complaint would have been filed since August 2022, according to ESPN, but former referee Marco Antonio Rodríguez followed his procedure virtually, until this week when he had to appear in person at the Public Ministry.

Who is ‘Chiquimarco’ Rodríguez?

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