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Former Attorney General calls for Boris Johnson to resign

Boris Johnson, last Saturday during a press conference. / Reuters

There are already 26 deputies from the British Conservative Party who have called for the prime minister’s resignation over ‘partygate’

Former Attorney General Jeremy Wright called on Monday for the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Sue Gray’s internal report on Downing Street parties during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Boris Johnson must resign for the good of this and future governments,” said the former attorney general under the government of David Cameron and Theresa May, according to the English newspaper ‘The Times’.

Wright has added that the case of the so-called ‘partygate’ has caused “lasting damage” to the reputation of the ‘Tories’, although he has not specified in the statement if he has formally submitted a letter of resignation against Johnson, as he has collected The Guardian newspaper.

The former attorney general is a member of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, which advises the prime minister on ethics within the British executive, and campaigned for the UK to remain in the European Union ahead of the EU membership referendum on June 23. from 2016.

The publication of Gray’s final report on the parties organized in Downing Street during the pandemic has cost the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to lose at least three supports within the ‘tory’ parliamentary group, which has in its power the ability to knock him down if he reaches a certain number of signatures.

For now, 26 deputies have already publicly repudiated Johnson, still far from the necessary 54, according to Sky News. The last to join this list this Monday was Elliot Colburn, one of the youngest conservative deputies in Parliament.

“New questions and revelations have surfaced since the completion of the Metropolitan Police investigation and the publication of the Sue Gray Report,” Colburn said in an email to voters in his constituency.

“I am particularly disturbed by the revelations about the treatment of Number 10 security and cleaning staff,” Colburn explained.

Discomfort has grown among the ‘tory’ bench, although it is not required that the letters requesting Johnson’s resignation be made public and some deputies have been ambiguous about their position, arguing that situations such as the war in Ukraine advise against a sudden change in Downing Street.

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