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Forensic experts confirm genital injuries in the young woman who accuses Santi Mina of sexual assault

The trial for alleged sexual assault on a young woman from Mojácar in 2017 against Santi Mina and David Goldar He lived a new session this Wednesday, the day on which three civil guards, a private detective hired by Mina’s defense, two forensic doctors and two psychologists from the Institute of Legal Medicine of Almería have declared.

The Civil guards have consistently pointed out that It was a friend of the complainant who alerted the security forces and bodies because “they couldn’t find her” and it had been “a long time” since she had left. When they went to the entertainment venue where they were, they already found the complainant there with her friends along with the Local Police.

They have explained that already at that moment the woman explained that she was having a voluntary sexual relationship with Goldar inside the van, when Mina appeared and put his member in her mouth. A friend pointed out that she had been found wandering “worried” and that she had gone to recriminate the accused for what had happened to the complainant.

They have confirmed that upon arrival the defendants were dressed and that they did not put up “any opposition” to his leaving, adding that she was “nervous” and that everyone was “tired.” The last of them has pointed out that the men were “collaborative” and that Goldar was “more calm” than Mina.

The private detective For his part, he explained how he carried out the investigation of the victim in July and October 2019, with a “tracking at the greatest possible distance”, except when another detective pretended to be a person interested in renting an apartment to talk with the complainant for “a minute” in a “very cordial” way.

All this with the aim, he said, of checking if part of what was stated in a psychological report -such as if he went out with friends, if he had a partner, changes in the way he dressed, etc.-, was in line with reality.

He has stated that he had a “normal behavior” and did not see “anything abnormal”, acknowledging that he has no concrete knowledge of psychology or medicine.

For their part, the forensic doctors have explained that the woman had four genital lesions, bruises that could be compatible with the moment in which the alleged sexual assault occurred, and that the woman showed “nervous, anxious” and with “scan rejection” gynecology that was practiced.

The psychologists of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Almería hThey have indicated that the complainant presented at the time of the tests, in August 2019, severe anxious symptomatologydepression, impaired self-esteem and post-traumatic stress.

“It was one major depressionnot a simple state of passing sadness, it was a state of sadness that has almost become chronic”, they have influenced. When trying to confront the defenses what is stated in the report presented to the court with the work of the private detective and other milestones of his personal life , one of them has stressed that the complainant has post-traumatic stress disorder.

“When Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is DetectedIt only refers to a specific fact, not to a story, not to 50,000 things. To a specific event (…) The symptoms that he presents are related to the reported events, not with previous events or stories,” he stressed, specifying that his symptoms are compatible with “the events he reports” and that a victim of sexual assault can lead a “relatively normal” life because his emotional state is not “a straight line” but is like “a saw beak” and depends on the professional help and drugs you have.

The lawyers of the calm and satisfied soccer players

Lawyer Diego Caponwho practices together with the lawyer Manuel Olle the defense of the soccer player David Goldar, has said that both he and the striker Santi Mina are “calm” and that the defense is “satisfied” with the development of the oral hearing for the alleged sexual assault on a woman in Mojácar (Almería) in 2017.

Thank you for the attention you are paying. We wanted to wait until the hearing was public to make statements, logically out of respect for the court. Santiago and David are very calm and we are very satisfied with how the sessions are going”, said Capón at the end of the second day of statements.

For her part, the lawyer Fatima Magdalena Rodriguezwho defends Mina, has indicated prior to this Wednesday’s session that “all -the sessions- are important”, confirming that the defendants stated on Monday that the relationships were consensual.

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