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Foreigners wishing to marry local people in Sri Lanka must get approval from the Ministry of Defense

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Sri Lanka has made it mandatory for foreigners wishing to marry local people to obtain approval from the Ministry of Defense due to national security reasons. At the same time, the opposition and many citizen groups have criticized this move. This new law will come into effect from January 1, 2022.Sri Lanka In a circular dated October 18, WM B Veer Sekera, Registrar General of India, said that the decision has been taken keeping in mind the national security reasons. National security issues that may arise from


It said that it has been decided to register such marriages through the Additional District Registrar only after the foreign person has received a “No Objection Certificate of Security”. Criticizing it, he said, “What kind of discrimination is this?”

The circular said that the security no-objection letter will certify that the foreigner has not been convicted of any offense during the last six months. Government officials said the move is significant as it allows local people to get married by foreigners. This will help in preventing cheating and curbing the increasing drug trafficking through such marriages.

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