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For José Luis Espert, “Alberto Fernández should no longer be president”

José Luis Espert, deputy for Avanza Libertad, stated this Thursday that “Alberto Fernández should no longer be president.” The liberal, always controversial, supported that premise by arguing that the president should have been impeached for the scandals of the VIP vaccinationthe party at the Quinta de Olivos of the first lady Fabiola Yáñez and what she considered a “speculation” in the purchase of vaccines against the coronavirus.

In statements to City RadioEspert considered that the President “should have been impeached for having led to death Argentines for having speculated on Russian and Chinese vaccines instead of buying Pfizer’s.”

“Since that Fernández’s almost criminal attitude I have a very critical attitude, ”explained the opposition legislator who this Thursday showed up at the march in favor of the Supreme Court of Justice, in Courts, a reaction to the K demonstration that demanded the resignation of the members of the highest court this Tuesday .

Throughout the radio interview, Espert did not take his eyes off the man chosen by Cristina Kirchner to occupy Rivadavia’s chair and definitively installed his darts on the head of state, to also cross him for his sayings about Russia.

“He wants Argentina to be Russia’s gateway to Latin America. I find it unfortunate. It is very serious that the Argentine president wants Argentina to be the gateway to entry of a fascist country, violentundemocratic and not at all republican like Putin’s Russia”.

Following this line, he said that he does not want to “depend on anyone” and what he does aspire to is to “trade with the whole world.”

“But if you tell me ‘play for one’, it’s the West. What do we have to do with the Russians and the Chinese? Any”, he emphasized.

The sights of the libertarian deputy elected by the province of Buenos Aires moved just a few millimeters from Fernández towards the K ruling party, whom he questioned two days after the march demanding the departure of the judges from the Court.

“Kirchnerism has a obsession with justice because they are full of causes, the one who is not a criminal hits him on the stick”, he sentenced.

“These guys are sick with the separation of powers“, he maintained. And he considered this sufficient reason to explain his participation in the march in favor of the highest court and its magistrates.

espert marched

“In defense of the independence of the Judiciary, with which politics should not interfere,” Espert said to argue his position. The national deputy added: “Politicians cannot even talk about Justice. Justice is something sacred”.

Later, seconds before the start of the demonstration on Thursday, he continued his harsh criticism of the ruling front and stated that “it advances on Justice to guarantee impunity.”

José Luis Espert, in Courts, supported the Supreme Court of Justice. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

“Kirchnerism does not want any judicial reform that guarantees the independence of the Judiciary, Kirchnerism wants impunity“, he defined.


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