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FOPEA rejected the new “stigmatization” of journalists made by the President

The entity, which brings together more than 600 journalists from all over the country, warned that the statements by Alberto Fernández according to which “there is an excessive abuse of press freedom” in Argentina are “a clear democratic setback”.

The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA), which brings together more than 600 journalists from all over the country, rejection the statements by President Alberto Fernández according to which there is an “excessive abuse of freedom of the press” in Argentina and warned that, in addition, “a lack of knowledge about the value of this in our society, imply a clear setback in the construction of democracy“.

“I always say that in all democracy there was not the freedom of the press that exists today in Argentina. There are even an excessive abuse of the freedom of the press, people lie, defame, insult, but we do not react, and we trust that the public will discover who the slanderer is, the liar, who is the corrupt journalist who receives money to say what he says,” Fernández said in an act that It was held at Casa Rosada.

Then he asked that “sometime these journalists show their assets” and that they “explain how, being presenters of these programs, they have similar departments.”

FOPEA -presided over by Paula Moreno- has always “encouraged self-criticism, the constant interpellation of journalists and strives for greater transparency in the activity, but remembers that the stigmatization of journalism by the highest authorities in the country limits freedom of expression”.

But “the greater the disqualification of the journalistic task, the greater are also the violations by a government of republican institutions“, he stressed.

In a statement, FOPEA recalled that “it is not the first time that the President has an unfortunate and disqualifying expression of journalism“.

“Information is a public good that exceeds the assets of officials and journalists, so the use of freedom of expression can never be abusive,” he added.

Of course, “any journalist is subject to public scrutiny and possible subsequent responsibilities, but You can never be at the mercy of intimidating acts because of your work. Much less suffer previous limitations due to their actions,” he added.

“In a democracy, the role of journalism is irreplaceable and must be strengthened with greater tolerance and greater freedom of expression,” FOPEA concluded.

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