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‘Football in Black and White’, an exhibition beyond the beautiful game

The Exhibition Hall of the Regional Archive of the Community of Madrid, located in the El Águila complex in the capital (Calle Ramírez de Prado, 3), hosts during these days the exhibition Football in Black and White, Madrid beyond the colors. A beautiful show in which the public can contemplate dozens of photographs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s of the 20th century, in addition to all kinds of objects related to football —a ball, a shirt of the Spanish team, a whistle, an album of stickers and pools of the time, among others.

But the exhibition, which features images of the funds from the prestigious photographers Cristóbal Portillo, Gerardo Contreras and Martín Santos Yubero, as well as the Collection Madrileños, transcends what football itself is and aims to make citizens aware, through the beautiful game, of what that post-war society was like in Spain.

Nephew nephew, director of the Regional Archive of the Community of Madrid – entity that organizes the exhibition and that has an impressive collection of more than two million photographs -, has received in its facilities a team of Digital Freedom to explain all the ins and outs of the exhibition Football in Black and White, Madrid beyond the colors.

“We want the exhibition to be able to see how football influenced society, in the life of the city, in urban development … How football acted as a unifier of illusions in such a difficult time as those years after the Civil War were in which citizens hardly had entertainment of any kind beyond of football, cinema or bullfighting, “Sobrino told this medium.

soccerblack and white.jpeg
Poster for the exhibition ‘Football in Black and White. Madrid beyond the colors’

The sample is articulated in two large non-chronological blocks: on the one hand it alludes to the most public and well-known face of football; on the other, the snapshots want to transcend what the sport itself is so that visitors can get an idea of ​​the economic, social and cultural impact that football had in the central decades of the 20th century in our country.

An exhibition to be developed until next February 13 and that promises to delight fans, to enjoy with the family. “Our idea is that the grandparents, who have lived through that time and it is completely familiar to them, come not so much with their children, but with their grandchildren. That they tell them what they did, how they lived … is a transmission of very important values ​​of generations to others, “says Nieves Sobrino, who also refers to the picaresque of the fans to be able to go to football without having to go through the box office.

“People did everything at that time to be able to watch football: climb the walls of the Bernabéu, climb on the roofs of cars who were on the outskirts of the Metropolitan Stadium, endure in the rain and snow, wait for traffic jams and very long queues “, says the director of the Regional Archive, who highlights how that society, despite its scarce financial resources,” did know how to take advantage of that escape route and that leisure as football is in a completely different way from ours. “


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