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Fognini: “Djokovic’s blood boils for Nadal’s victory in Australia”

The Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini has granted an interview to his country’s newspaper, ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, and in it he has given his opinion on everything that happened a few weeks ago at the Australian Open, a tournament that began with the departure of Novak Djokovic from the country for his controversy related to the covid-19 vaccine and that ended with Rafa Nadal lifting his 21st Grand Slam.

Fognini believes that the battle to be the best tennis player in history is still in full swing and that Rafa’s victory will provoke Novak Djokovic’s sporting wrath.

Nadal’s fight

“Nadal is an incredible fighter. There are no words to describe what he has done, they are feats that only great champions can achieve.”


“Nadal, mentally, is from another planet. With what has happened you can only admire him.Also, getting important results with Nadal, Djokovic and Federer is almost impossible. It is a privilege to witness this.”

Nadal style

“Nadal doesn’t give up, Nadal you don’t just have to beat him, you have to take him down. He exhausts you physically and mentally and I’m proud to have beaten him in Monte Carlo. Only Djokovic and Federer have stopped his competitive fury.”

Djokovic’s ‘revenge’

“I think Djokovic’s blood is boiling after Nadal’s victory. On the one hand he will be happy, because these challenges motivate him. He will have thought ‘OK, you have won, but you will see in Paris’. He is very competitive. But if Rafa wants to, he will win. at Roland Garros and will achieve the Grand Slam 22”.

He prefers Federer

“Nadal and Djokovic are two unrepeatable phenomena in the history of tennis. However, I am still Federer’s. If I have to buy a ticket for a match, I buy it to see Federer.”


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