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Five accessories to decorate the room and improve the gaming experience

Video games are no longer a simple pastime for children and have become a profitable practice where the one with the greatest technical skills does not always win, but rather the one with the best equipment. To achieve a technological advantage over rivals, five premium accessories to set the scene and improve the gaming experience.

Currently, this segment is fragmented into three platforms: PCs, consoles and cell phones. The first is considered the most aspirational and is intended for professional use. The second is the niche of youth entertainment and mobile, where the bulk of the players are, is purely recreational.

In Argentina, with more than 19 million players, this industry ranks as the third largest market in Latin America, behind Mexico and Brazil. During the pandemic, the country saw a 20% increase in the number of gamers.

These five top-of-the-range devices are considered unconventional appendages. For the most competitive players, there are two lighting systems – one from Philips and one from Logitech – that are synchronized with the PC, a mechanical keyboard, a UPS to continue playing when the power goes out and a haptic belt.

Led lights

The Philips lightbar connects wirelessly with the Bridge to change shades.

It is an intelligent lighting system that automatically synchronizes with video games or music and allows you to control the brightness level in each environment. Through an app, from the mobile device, one can regulate the intensity, control the on and off remotely and play with more than 16 million colors.

This experience is based on the Philips Hue Play light bars, which are rectangular and compact LEDs that, without hiding too many secrets, are located vertically or horizontally on the sides of the monitor or television. They are sold individually or in pairs.

These bars only light up in one color (with different intensities and tones), so if an area of ​​the screen shows green, blue, red and yellow, the light will light up in the predominant color and change progressively. Each one costs 8,500 pesos.

For them to change color and synchronize with the movements of the screen, one more piece is needed, it is the Philips Hue Bridge that facilitates the control of any light through home Wi-Fi. This bridge connects to the router and also to a conventional plug. This apparatus is 8,500 pesos.

mechanical keyboard

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core QWERTY mechanical keyboard comes without the number tenkey.

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core QWERTY mechanical keyboard comes without the number tenkey.

Keyboards have several internal layers, like a motherboard with circuits and delimited zones for each of its divisions. The technology that is below the keys, is what defines its type.

The so-called mechanical ones, in addition to an optimal responsiveness, are the ones that have an independent switch for each key and that, when pressed, emit different sounds. Also, you can customize the color of each piece and the function you want it to perform.

The trend in this area is short models, such as the HyperX Alloy Origins Core QWERTY, which does not come with the numeric tenkey so there is more room to maneuver on the desk. The hardware is ideal for first-person perspective games.

This rectangle with 87 mechanical keys mounted on an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, giving it a premium finish, bomb-proof durability, and a seat that provides strength and durability. Comes with detachable USB Type-C cable for easy portability. It costs 10 thousand pesos.


The UPS Forza SL-1012UL-A 1000VA, provides about 50 minutes of load and recharges again in 4 hours

The UPS Forza SL-1012UL-A 1000VA, provides about 50 minutes of load and recharges again in 4 hours

In the order of priority of a gamer, the electric light does not occupy a step of privilege. But since it’s summer and power outages are a constant threat, it never hurts to have an uninterruptible power supply or UPS.

These devices are ideal for avoid voltage spikes that cause short-term blackouts that can damage components. It also provides a bridge of power during periods of low stress, to sustain gaming sessions.

So that electricity does not become another enemy, before the cut, the UPS stores enough energy so that one can finish the game without setbacks. The autonomy available depends on the amount of energy consumed by the equipment.

Locally, FORZA Power Technologies announced the launch of the SL Series SL-1012UL-A 1000VA, which provides about 50 minutes of charge and recharges in 4 hours. It includes 6 sockets for peripherals and screens and has an LED display to configure its functions. Around 17 thousand pesos.

haptic belt

The FeelBelt haptic belt.

The FeelBelt haptic belt.

The FeelBelt is a haptic belt that, through software, fires sound pulses that convert movements into tactile stimuli. This device, designed by German engineers, generates a tickle that, according to its creators, opens a new sense of perception.

is equipped with ten haptic feedback generators located throughout its structure, which vibrate in harmony with the shots one receives or the jolts of the car. For an optimal fit, it comes in two sizes 72-110cm and 110cm-150cm.

The player can differentiate between the high tones that are perceived in the stomach area – it reproduces frequencies that oscillate between 10 Hz and 20 thousand Hz – and the low ones that you feel in the back. The 2400 mAh battery provides a range of 6 hours. Through the USB-C port, it completes a charge in 90 minutes.

The belt also allows for differences in directions and intensities. Which means that it can be connected to watch action series or listen to music. It is compatible with any console, PC and cell phone. It is suitable for connecting to a VR helmet. Around 300 dollars.

light system

Logitech's LIGHTSYNC lighting system.

Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC lighting system.

In both action and adventure games, lights help create an immersive atmosphere that transports the hero into a dimension beyond the rectangle of the screen.

To sync information across speakers, keyboard and mouse, Logitech introduced RGB LIGHTSYNC technology that enables dynamic, customizable lighting that syncs with any content—games, videos or music.

With 16.8 million programmable colors, anyone can customize each color according to the environment. You can even create your own advanced animation effects with Logitech G HUB. The peripherals are sold individually and to regulate the tones it is necessary that they are from the line RGB LIGHTSYNC.


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