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Fisherman’s ‘fish jumped in throat’ while catching fish, breathing became difficult, life saved from operation

A thorny anabas fish jumped from the water and jumped into the neck of the fisherman (symbolic photo)

Life is full of surprises. a strange phenomenon Thailand It happened in May when a pointed fish came out of the water and got stuck in the throat of a fisherman. according to the new york postAs he tried to escape, the freshwater fish got stuck between the fisherman’s throat and nose. The report further states that the incident took place on May 22 in Fathalung province. Elaborating on the incident, the post further said that the fisherman was unable to breathe as a 5-inch fish made its way into his windpipe, choking his throat.


The man was taken to Fattlung Provincial Hospital, where doctors were surprised to see his condition. The man told the doctors that he was spike-fishing a harpoon underwater just before the strange incident.

Sermsree Pathompanichar, an official at the hospital who treated the patient, was quoted by the Post as saying, “It is very unlikely to happen. I have never seen a case like this before.”

An X-ray was done to determine the exact location of the fish, which revealed a five-inch-long fangs inside it. After this the doctors did emergency surgery.

“Our doctors did everything possible to avoid damage to our patient’s organs,” hospital official Sermasree Pathompanichar said. “He has successfully saved the patient.”

A similar situation happened in March this year when a needle fish pierced the neck of a tourist swimming in Thailand, making his condition critical. According to The Bangkok Post, the victim was on his way to Noppdol Shringam, Ao Tan Khu beach, when the tragic incident took place.

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