Friday, September 29, 2023
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First complaint against Rubiales

Despite the apologies offered by the RFEF president on Monday afternoon after the kiss to soccer player Jenni Hermoso during the World Cup medal ceremony, the case continues to grow. The latest news is the complaint filed by Miguel Galánthe president of the National School of Soccer Coaches.

This complaint from the president of CENAFE to Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, has been presented to the Higher Sports Council. This complaint has been published by The objective.

The president of CENAFE has requested “to open a disciplinary file against Mr. Luis Rubiales Béjar for breach of Law 39/2022 on Sports for the sexist act of kissing on the mouth de Rubiales towards the female soccer player Jennifer Hermoso at the delivery of the 2023 Women’s World Cup trophy”.

The president of CENAFE believes that Rubiales has breached Sports Law 39/2022 and that the Royal Spanish Football Federation itself in its action protocol against sexual violence. It says that “forceful kissing” is “unacceptable conduct and that it will have immediate consequences”. Now after this complaint before the CSD, the organization can transfer it to the Administrative Court of Sport and open a possible file on Luis Rubiales.

Miguel Galan He already denounced the previous president of the RFEFÁngel María Villar for his management of the organization, later he also did it against Luis Rubiales for theThe celebration of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. In addition, Galán has spent many years trying to become president of the Spanish Football Federation.

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